We choose the place for practice

We choose the place for practice

Where it is the best of all to begin to be engaged? When we only master practice of yoga when the yoga only just becomes the habit, the choice of the place becomes the important factor.

Positively occupations of yoga are influenced by those places in which it is comfortable to us to be. Where "it is pleasant to the eye" where we can relax, have a rest. There is a lot of such wonderful places.

The best place for occupations it, undoubtedly, the nature. Where we can be glad to beautiful landscapes and forget about city bustle. The nature is harmonious and it can play the significant role in our practice. Landscapes promote quieter spirit, and it, in turn, will promote deeper understanding of, the requirements. So it will be easier for us "to hear" himself.

Not always there is the opportunity to be engaged outdoors. What can we make in that case? It is good if we manage to find such place where we will be regularly engaged. That is if we from time to time practice in the same place, the environment kind of becomes impregnated with our energy, and we can be adjusted much quicker.

Not always also it turns out. To practice to have in different conditions. In that case, before practice, we can decorate the place and also prepare it the fact that we will be tidied up. Here the role will play not that will become just cleaner. Carrying out such preparation, we load "our" place and the practician of yoga passes more successfully. It would seem, we will make actions not difficult, but the effect will be considerable!

Except that it is good if the place doesn't change occasionally, time is very important to be engaged in one and too. The certain recurrence will in that case be developed that will give us the necessary spirit. When the place and time of practice repeat, it helps us "to catch harmony" quicker. It can be important when we want to gain effect of occupation quicker. For example, we are limited in time as we gather for work or, having come from work, we want to fill the stock of forces.

All these factors matter! But you shouldn't forget that the main thing, it to practice. And that set of conditions which we have are the minor factor. Minor rather occupations. As they say in yoga: if the person practices yoga, time works for him if the person doesn't practice, time works against it.

You shouldn't wait until "stars meet". It is possible and not to wait for coincidence of all conditions. And it is possible to profit from practice already now.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team