We swing legs: the best exercises with the description and a photo

We swing legs: the best exercises with the description and a photo

The training of muscles of legs is much more difficult and heavier, than a training of any other muscles. But exercises for legs have a number of features. Let's consider how to pump up legs in house conditions to the girl and the man.


To learn how it is correct to swing legs, it is necessary to understand at first as they are arranged and as work. Further we will consider each component on - to an order.

Hips consist of three muscular groups:

  • the front muscles bending a hip under the name a quadriceps, that is the four-head of a muscle;
  • the back muscles unbending a hip under the name a hip biceps, that is a biceps;
  • the medial muscles giving a hip.

The Chetyrekhglavy muscle of a hip, or quadriceps, is located on front side of a hip and is the biggest and strong muscle in a human body.

The main function of this muscle is powerful extension of a leg in a knee. It is called by four-chapter because consists of four different muscles:

  • straight line — the longest of all;
  • lateral — a large muscle which is located on outer side of a leg;
  • medial — a tear-shaped muscle which is located on leg inside;
  • intermediate wide muscle which is located between lateral and medial.

In spite of the fact that the quadriceps is the biggest and strong muscles of front side of a leg, it is not only. The bringing muscles also belong to front muscles of a hip: edge, sartorial, thin and bringing (short, long and bringing). These muscles bringing as they give a hip are called.

The biceps (hip biceps) which consists of two muscles belongs to back side of a hip: semi-tendinous and webby muscles.

The main function of back group of muscles is bending of legs in knee joints and extension of a trunk at the movement of a shin.

Gluteuses also carry to muscles of the lower extremities. In all organism of the thickest and the big gluteus is considered large. It begins with a pelvic bone and is attached to the back surface of a femur under a coxofemoral joint. It during existence of a hip pulls a leg back. A big gluteus — the most active at rise on a step as helps to unbend a coxofemoral joint.

Also it is necessary to tell about average and small gluteuses. They lie under big, and thanks to their pumping the buttocks look more okruglo and it is attractive. For obtaining the best result from the esthetic point of view it is necessary to train all three muscles.

Whether you know? In a human body there are about 650 muscles.

Muscles of a shin are presented by two parts: sural, located on a surface, and kambalovidny which is hidden under sural. As well as in a case with buttock, for the best effect it is necessary to swing both muscles of a shin.

Kambalovidny is mononuclear as passes only through an ankle joint. Two-member is sural as passes both through knee, and through an ankle joint. The sural muscle has two heads: lateral and medial. Their surface is presented by strong bunches of sinews. Sural by the size much more also occupies with kambalovidny shin bulk.

The thick and flat kambalovidny muscle lies under sural, it is much less by the size, but at the same time performs not less important function.

The best exercises

Further in article we will consider the best and most effective exercises for a training of legs, including those which can be carried out in house conditions. If you were always interested in a question how quickly to pump up legs in house conditions — attentively study the following sections.

Squats with a bar

This exercise is considered classics as, according to professional coaches of the whole world, it is the most effective for reduction of the lower extremities in a tone.

It will be useful for you to learn about advantage of run, about exercise level and as it is correct to be engaged in kallanetiky.

Squats will yield more result than all other occupations, including will help to pump up not only hips, but also other groups of muscles. How to carry out squats:

  1. Approach a rack with a bar, become under it so that the signature stamp was located on an upper back (on trapezes).
  2. Undertake hands a bar so that it was convenient and there was a good fixing.
  3. Strain and straighten a back, having removed a bar from a rack, take a step back (but you do not depart too far as difficult will work with big weight further).
  4. Put a foot on width of shoulders and rest all foot against a floor very densely.
  5. Further, holding a straight line back, squat so deeply that the top surface of a hip was parallel to a floor (the more deeply you squat — the result of a training is better).

Important! During squats it is necessary to look directly before himself. If you look around — will lose balance, and then injuries not to avoid.

Also it is necessary to tell about situation a foot during the training:

  1. If you put a foot on width of shoulders, then will pump up a quadriceps more.
  2. To increase load of muscles of an internal part of hips, widely put a foot.
  3. Narrow statement by a foot will allow to pump up an external part of a hip more.

Press legs in the exercise machine

If your purpose is to pump up massivno legs, this exercise for you. Also it is done if there is a risk of injuries during squats with a bar.

If you have an opportunity to do both a squat, and a press by legs — do, it will allow to pump up big powerful hips.

How to carry out a press legs:

  1. It is necessary to choose first of all the correct occupation on the exercise machine at which buttocks and a bottom of a back will not come off sitting of the exercise machine, in opposite couples the risk is very high to be traumatized.
  2. Densely be reluctant feet in the middle of the platform, feet have to be at shoulder length or slightly already.
  3. Strong take exercise machine handles hands of a seat on each side, you hold them until the end of exercise, it will allow to give to a torso stability.
  4. After that remove the platform from racks and slowly lower it on yourself most deeply that knees touched a breast. Further squeeze out the platform up, but unbend knees not up to the end not to relax quadriceps and not to injure a knee joint.

Attacks with a bar (or dumbbells)

Attacks are recommended to be carried out by Smith's car as it will not be necessary worries about balance. This exercise is carried out including in house conditions with a bar or dumbbells. How to carry out attacks with a bar:

  1. As well as in squats with a bar, place a signature stamp on a back (trapezes).
  2. One leg make a big step forward, a foot have to be on one line. Support such distance between legs at which when you fall by one knee both legs have to be bent at right angle.
  3. The bar has to be on trapezes while one leg ahead, and both feet on one line. Further begin to fall by one knee, having slightly concerned a floor (do not fight a knee about a floor as be traumatized), after that return to a starting position.
  4. It is recommended to do at first attacks on one extremity, and then on another.

Whether you know? At quiet walking of people uses about a quarter of all the muscles.


Squats to Gakk-trenazhere — a variation of squats with a bar on shoulders. But they allow to remove big axial load on a backbone.

How to carry out squats to Gakk-mashine:

  1. Settle down on the exercise machine, having got on it, bend legs in knees, expose a foot on width of shoulders (a foot it is necessary to put in parallel each other) on the middle of the platform. Lean a back part of a body against a back of Gakk-mashiny, rest shoulders against a support (the head has to pass between rollers and not come off until the end of squat performance).
  2. Unblock the exercise machine mechanism, but do not become straight up to the end as it will relax a quadriceps in the top point and will create big load of a knee joint.
  3. With a breath slowly squat down, deeply as you will be able.
  4. In the lower point, having put emphasis on a heel (not on socks), make a start from the platform and straighten legs. They should be straightened not completely.

Different setting of legs on the platform in this exercise will allow to place emphasis on different muscles.

Leg extention in the exercise machine

Leg extention — the isolating exercise loading only a quadriceps. Use it as the last in a set of exercises or warming. This exercise on increases the mass of hips as is isolated and is not used with big scales. Its function is to give the beautiful form and a relief to a top side of a hip.

After you got on the exercise machine, arrange the roller over stupnyam and slowly unbend legs.

Bendings of legs lying

Bending, as well as the previous exercise, is isolated and swings back muscles of hips. Fitness trainers recommend to do this exercise at the end of a training.

You should not focus also attention on the big weight as in bending of legs lying the main thing — technology of execution. Otherwise to spend time for such training there is no sense. How to carry out bending of legs lying:

  1. Do not tear off a basin from an exercise machine bench, it has to be densely pressed all the time of performance.
  2. The roller it is necessary to arrange on a back surface of foot or feet, but not on a shin are a little higher.
  3. Do not allow joints randomly and to be unbent quickly. Try to detain feet in the top point then slowly lower a shell in a starting position. Lower it not up to the end, do not throw in the lower point, otherwise the effect of exercise will be not such strong.

It will be interesting to you to learn more about exercises on a fitball and sports walking.

Rises on socks (sitting, standing)

Rises on socks are used for a rating of sural and kambalovidny muscles. That occupation was effective, it is necessary to follow such advice:

  • amplitude of the movement of an ankle joint has to be as much as possible, it stretches muscles and strengthens loading;
  • involve burdenings so that you could make at most 10-12 repetitions.

With a bar costing exercise it is necessary to carry out thus:

  • take a signature stamp and lift a bar;
  • feet have to be at shoulder length;
  • rise accurately on toes, try not to lose balance.

Performance of rises on socks sitting displaces load of kambalovidny muscles. In the exercise machine it is very simple to carry out it:

  • put the necessary weight, get on the exercise machine and put knees on rollers;
  • necessary number of times straightens and bend an ankle joint.

With dumbbells of the technician of performance differs a little:

  • sit down on an equal bench and take dumbbells, put legs on full foot before yourself.
  • ask the trainer to put dumbbells to you on knees as most to do it injury-causing.
  • holding dumbbells with hands, unbend an ankle.

Advice and recommendations to beginners

If you the beginner in gym, then for a start you need to study the basic principles of muscle growth as without this knowledge growth of muscle bulk is impossible.

Skating, yoga, cycle jogs, bungee jumping, swimming will help to diversify physical activity to you.

Main recommendations for beginners:

  1. Exercises are divided into muscular groups and on the number of muscles which are involved in work (isolating and basic). For beginners it is recommended to do only basic. They are responsible for rapid growth of muscles. To basic it is possible to carry occupations with use of free weight (for example, dumbbells or a bar). The isolating exercises need to be excluded. Carry occupations on exercise machines to isolating.
  2. It is necessary to carry out the correct order of exercises. It is necessary to begin with large muscles, and then to pass to small.
  3. For high-quality exercises it is necessary to do from 6 to 12 repetitions. It will promote the maximum growth of muscles. A series of repetitions is called сэт or approach.
  4. Good loading of muscles requires 3–4 set in one exercise.
  5. It is necessary to have a rest between approaches about 2 minutes.
  6. The average time of a training has to be 40–45 minutes.

These are the main recommendations to which the beginner when performing a training of legs has to adhere.

Approximate complex for legs

Let's consider programs for a training of legs for the different categories which are engaged. Following rules of trainings, it is possible to achieve desirable result.

It will be useful for you to learn how to eat after the training properly.

To the beginner

It is necessary to begin a training with warm-up. For this purpose begin with easy jogging. It is necessary to run with a speed up to 8 km/h of 5-7 minutes.

Further there is a usual run, at a speed of 10-12 km/h and lasting 10 minutes. Pulse has to keep in the range from 80 to 90 beats per minute. Then there is an explosive run. Speed of ravnyaetsy 14 km/h, duration is 5 minutes. Pulse has to keep in the range of 110-120 minutes. After jog it is necessary to have a rest 3–5 minutes a walking step.

After 20 minutes on the racetrack of a muscle are warmed completely and now are prepared for big loadings. If in such mode it is difficult to you to run, then it is recommended to pick up convenient speed on the racetrack and to run 15 minutes.

Further start a training. Squat with a bar. It is recommended to use an athletic belt as exercise is injury-causing for a back.

Approaches carry out in such order:

  • pancakes weighing 5-7 kg to carry out 8–12 times;
  • pancakes weighing 10-12 kg to carry out 8–12 times;
  • pancakes on 15 kg to carry out till 6-10 times.

It is possible to carry out a press legs further. This general exercise sometimes can be used instead of squats (if there are problems with a backbone, joints of legs).

When performing exercise you watch that the waist was pressed to the exercise machine. Also it is not necessary to unbend legs in the second phase.

Approaches carry out in such order:

  • pancakes weighing 10 kg to carry out 12–15 times;
  • pancakes weighing 12-15 kg to carry out 8–12 times;
  • pancakes weighing 20 kg to carry out 6–10 times.

The following exercise is a bending of legs lying.

This exercise studies a back part of a hip. To enhance effect of exercise, the training roller has to lie on a sinew. Also it is not recommended to put knees on the platform of the exercise machine.

Approaches carry out in such order:

  • the weight of 15-20 kg to carry out 15–20 repetitions;
  • the weight of 20-25 kg to carry out 15–20 repetitions;
  • the weight of 20-25 kg to carry out 12–15 repetitions;
  • the weight of 30-35 kg to carry out 8–12 repetitions.

Finish a set of exercises with extension of the lower extremities sitting. When performing this exercise there is load only of quadriceps. Approaches are carried out in such order:

  • the weight of 10-15 kg to carry out 10–25 repetitions;
  • the weight of 15-17 kg to carry out 15–20 repetitions;
  • the weight of 15-17 kg to carry out 15–20 repetitions;
  • the weight of 20-25 kg to carry out 12–15 times.

Such training well is suitable for beginners. In 1.5-2 months of occupations of a muscle get used to loading. Such general exercises give the general development to legs. In 3 months of performance of such complex it is possible to complicate the program.

To the fan

For fans the training of legs takes the minor place. Fans do not focus attention on these trainings for such reasons:

  1. Beefy muscles of legs visually reduce hands and shoulders.
  2. When performing active trainings for legs cartilaginous surfaces because of use of big weight can collapse.
  3. At a training of the lower extremities the correct technology of execution is of great importance. Also do not forget to carry out warm-up before exercises — it improves elasticity of sheaves, improves blood circulation in hips, prepares joints for occupations.

For fans it is enough to carry out several types of exercises:

  • squat with a heavy signature stamp;
  • bending of legs lying on the exercise machine;
  • straightening of legs on the exercise machine.

Squat with a heavy bar is carried out thus: it is necessary to put a bar on shoulders above and when performing to hold a back exactly.

It is necessary to look ahead of himself with the raised head. The first approach has to be in 12 repetitions. On the second approach add weight and do 10 repetitions. The third approach — the bigger weight and 8 repetitions. The fourth approach — is even more than a weight also of 6 repetitions.

Special attention to a pridelyayta to sports or healthy nutrition depending on loadings.

Bending of legs on the exercise machine in lying situation develops a hip biceps, and the lower extremities look more volume.

When performing this exercise you keep an upper body not movably, in the movement — only the lower extremities. Will be to execute 5 approaches on 12 repetitions enough. Strictly adhere to technology of performance of exercise. Leg extention on the exercise machine develops a quadriceps. This exercise is carried out at the final stage of a training as it does not load a lower back and does not demand a large amount of oxygen.

Will be to execute 5 approaches on 15 repetitions enough, using the weight, greatest possible for you.

It is important! If you are interested in accumulation of muscle bulk of legs, it is recommended to carry out these exercises 2 times a week. For simple keeping fit it is enough to carry out such complex of times a week.

To the professional

Arnold Schwarzenegger's program is an example of a classical training. Such program is recommended to carry out only to experienced athletes. According to Arnold's program, trainings are carried out 2 times a week. Set of exercises:

  • squats with a bar — 8 repetitions, three approaches;
  • attacks — 12 repetitions, three approaches;
  • bendings of legs — 15 repetitions, three approaches;
  • rises on socks — 25 repetitions, three approaches;
  • the Romanian draft — 10 repetitions, three approaches;
  • inclinations with a bar — 10 repetitions, three approaches;
  • the Roman bench — 25 repetitions, five approaches.

Koliemang's program high-intensity and volume. It can be optimized under itself and to use extreme weight. Set of exercises:

  • leg extention — 30 repetitions, four approaches;
  • squat with a bar — 15 repetitions, five approaches;
  • Gakk-prisedaniya — 15 repetitions, three approaches;
  • the Romanian draft — 15 repetitions, four approaches;
  • exercise burro — 30 repetitions, four approaches.

Frank Zayn's program is very popular scheme of a training which Zayn used in one of the periods of the career of the body builder. Program for the lower extremities:

  • assignment of a leg back — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • bending of legs — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • leg extention — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • squats with a bar — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • the Romanian draft — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • attack back — 8–12 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • exercise burro — 30 repetitions on 3 approaches;
  • rise on socks sitting — 30 repetitions on 3 approaches.

At the correct and consecutive performance of a training of hips and calves it is possible to achieve good results.

The given examples from programs help to pick up individually exercises and to understand how to pump up legs in house conditions to the man in a week.

And also exercises which show how to pump up thin legs to the guy or the girl are given in article.

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