What belts in karate exist

What belts in karate exist

Skill degree in the card is defined by properties of the belt which is possessed by the athlete. The gradation of flowers means increase in the rank. The rank of the pupil is called kyu, and – is given the master. The color of the belt is more dark, the skill level of the fighter is higher.

System of the Japanese Association of Karate

As a rule, the rank of the fighter is determined by the system developed in the Japanese Association, it is standard in all international association Syotokan though there are also other systems. In it there are several degrees kyu - it is belts which are given to pupils. Color with which all begin (ninth) is white. It is received by those who have no rank at all.

Further, when mastering some degree of skill, the pupil consistently receives at first the yellow belt (the eighth kyu), then orange (the seventh kyu), then green (the sixth kyu), red (the fifth kyu), violet (the fourth kyu), light brown (the third kyu), brown (the second kyu) and dark brown (the first kyu). After that the doctrine receives the first is given and becomes the master. It means the black belt.

The fact that at a number of schools both masters, and pupils chase faster acquisition of the belt, but don't manage to seize the technique belongs to the negative side of the similar system. For this reason existence of the certain belt in the modern world, unfortunately, doesn't guarantee the similar skill level at his holder yet.

As raise the rank and receive belts

To receive the following belt, the pupil has to undergo testing: to pass the peculiar examination. Usually federations limit time which has to pass between examinations therefore it is too quickly impossible to pass all steps. But these intervals of time differ in different federations. The general is the rule that the rank is higher, the more passes time to the opportunity to pass examination for it. If you received the belt of the certain color once, then it is the lifelong rank, you won't be able to lose it any more.

As there was the system

The karate of Ob – so is called the belt in karate. It is necessary to hold zapakhnuty gi – the fighter's clothes. But over time, besides purely practical value color of the belt got additional symbolical loading. At traditional schools was much less flowers: white, yellow, green, brown and black. Symbolically it is considered that the white belt which is given to beginners becomes yellow because of efforts and sweat which the person spills on occupations. For the same reason it gets later green, and then both brown, and black colors. Introduction of complementary colors is explained by desire of masters to urge on vanity of pupils who receive the new belt quicker and feel progress. Some modern representatives of different schools also use the red belt - as the highest measure of mastering skill.

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