What skis the best

What skis the best

The skiing is not only fascinating occupation, but also and the opportunity with advantage for health to spend the vacation in the bosom of the family, with friends or fellow workers. As for professional skiers, skiing for them – lifestyle.

Various models of skis

Variety of models of skis, and they are made by about 40 companies, it is possible to divide into three categories: skis for tourists, sports and special.

For "house use", of course, take models from the first category. Length of skis, properties of material of which they are made the weight, bindings and, at last, experience of driving of future owner are also important.

For the ordinary amateur layman and the person who just followed the way of knowledge of all secrets of skiing it is the best of all to pick up the model intended for the low and average speed of driving. One of characteristic features of such skis – the soft cloth, at the expense of it they react to errors in the skier's technique less.

The exception is made by people with the big weight, for them it is necessary to take skis more rigid. For experienced skiers rigid models which react to their actions during driving more sensitively are always selected. It is important to pick up skis for growth and weight also. So, if the person of average weight, it is necessary to buy skis about 10 cm shorter than its growth (it first of all is important for selection of mountain skis). If weight is lower than norm, then the optimum model will be 15-20 cm shorter.

How it is correct to choose skis?

The right choice can also depend on where the person plans them to use. So, for descents it is better to select skis for abrupt mountains well than growth. And the more experience of driving, the well there can be skis (to reasonable limits, of course). If run on the flat area is planned, skis 15-20 cm higher than growth of the skier will become the optimal variant. They will have the smaller resilience to snow that will make descent more high-speed and less discomfortable. Not to get confused to the beginner in ski business, it is possible to give the general advice at the choice of height of skis. For the fan not higher than 20 cm of their own growth, and for experienced skiers – no more than 10 cm usually recommend to take skis. To pick up skis to body weight, it is the best of all to rise on the ski and to be convinced that it caved in in the central part to the floor. And choose for children of the ski (without growth). Here selection is conducted on in advance picked up scheme: weighing child up to 20 kg – buy skis of 70 cm, from 20 to 30 kg – 90 cm, 30–40 kg – 100 cm. Weighing more than 40 kg already apply the selection technique as at adults. Apparently, the best skis are those which suit the person individually. With time and with gaining experience the beginners replace the first model of skis with another, more suitable to the newfound skills.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team