Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss

Excess weight creates the mass of complexes in the person and also negatively influences work of all organism. People try to get rid of extra kilos by means of diets, the exercise stress, massage and other procedures. One of the most effective methods of weight loss is the yoga.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

"Mountain". Yogas for cleaning of the organism of slags are daily used by respiratory practicians. Get up directly, lower hands along the body. On the breath raise hands through the parties over the head, put palms, slightly pressing them at each other. Hold the breath for 3 - 4 seconds. Then, doing the exhalation, slowly lower hands through the parties down. Close eyes, 20 seconds you breathe in the usual mode. Repeat exercise once again.

"Mill". Don't change the home position. On the breath raise hands before yourself, having arranged them parallel to the floor. On breath holding at fast pace execute hands 3 circles at first forward, then 3 circles back. With the exhalation of the hand lower along the body, close eyes and have a little a rest.

If you began to whirl the head, have a rest after exercise 1 minute. Be not frightened, after breathing exercises it is considered norm.

Yoga asanas

Pose of "Triangle". Standing directly, part legs as it is possible more widely, direct the sock of the right leg precisely aside, lower hands along the body. On the breath raise hands, having arranged them parallel to the floor, reach for the right palm all case. With the exhalation bend to the right, lean against the shin the palm. Turn the head to the left, record the look on the thumb of the left hand. Cross hips a little forward, trying to arrange all the body in one plane. You breathe quietly, you hold the asana within 10 seconds. Gradually you lead up deduction up to 20 seconds. With the breath slowly become straight. Direct the sock of the left leg aside. Repeat exercise in other party. This pose helps to lose weight: removes excess centimeters in the waist, on the back, hips. Bending forward. Sit down, straighten legs, direct socks to yourself. On the breath raise hands up, with the exhalation lower the case to hips, the breast last forward, you hold the back straightened. Lower palms on feet or on the shin. You hold such situation one minute, you breathe quietly. On the breath slowly lift the case up. The asana helps to remove fat deposits from the back and hips. Pose of "Bow". Lay down on the stomach, bend legs in knees, palms undertake feet. On the breath raise legs and hands up, without releasing feet. At the same time you are rounded in the case and hips. You hold the asana of 10 seconds, you breathe evenly. On the exhalation fall by the floor and have a rest.

If when performing the asana you are hurt by the waist, try not to rise highly over the floor.

Pose of "Child". Sit down buttocks on heels. With the exhalation fall the case by hips, put hands about shins, you breathe quietly. In the minute slowly lift the case, direct hands up and stretch. With the exhalation of the hand lower.

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