All about krasnoukhy turtles: as they breed

All about krasnoukhy turtles: as they breed

Cultivation of krasnoukhy turtles quite difficult task for the beginner. To remove posterity, it is necessary to have the male and a female acquired from the skilled terrariumist, but not in usual pet-shop. And the most important is not just to achieve pairing, and to grow up from the laid eggs of the little tortoises capable to breed in the subsequent generations. After pairing the female lays eggs in in advance prepared for a ditch which then is placed in an incubator and wait for emergence of young growth. What the created conditions to conditions natural will be more approximate, that the bigger quantity cherapashat will be born from the laid eggs.


1. Consider that at turtles as well as other animals and people, can have preferences, likes and dislikes. Therefore to increase chances of success, it is desirable to have several males and females. The individuals who reached age of 6-8 years will be suitable for reproduction. If they were grown up in house conditions, then 4-6 years. Before pairing seat partners from each other for some time. Then create the most comfortable conditions, having provided temperature in a terrarium not less 22-26os, having increased light day and having removed all irritating factors. During this period diversify a diet of animals with the products rich with vitamin E. It is recommended to give also vitamin medicines.

2. turtlesBy Krasnoukhiye can copulate all the year round, but better choose time from February to May. Having placed a female to a male observe their courting, it is very interesting: the male tychtsya by the muzzle in a muzzle of a female and floats before it a tail forward. At the same time he gently strokes her cheeks the long claws. At liberty females lay eggs on the sandy coast from April to September. You have to create something similar such coast and in an aquaterrarium, having offered a female as the alternative to a ditch filled with a layer of peat or sand 5 cm thick.

3. Take care of that the turtle could reach freely such ditches, otherwise she can lay eggs in water. In this case they need to be taken out from water, having marked with a marker a top side of eggs. It is necessary that accidentally not to turn some egg at the time of transportation in an incubator, otherwise you do not receive posterity. As an incubator it is possible to use an aquarium or a box from polyfoam. In it it has to be always damp therefore put on a bottom of a container of container with water and constantly add it. It is better if eggs lie in a layer of a damp sphagnum, not covered with it entirely.

4. Install in an incubator the heater, for example, the ordinary glow lamp and a temperature regulator. Maintain constant temperature in it 27-30os. Depending on the conditions created by you the germs will develop from 2 to 5 months. You can on the full bases congratulate yourself on success if a half of turtles of all oosperms is born at least. They are recommended to place in the separate capacity as adult individuals including the mother, can do them harm immediately. The water will be purer at the younger generation and food is more full-fledged, the quicker they will grow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team