As the pug looks

As the pug looks

Pug - very ancient breed of dog which is most possibly appeared in China. Today this breed found new popularity. Despite external awkwardness, it is very mobile and sociable animals.


1. The body of a pug literally has square shape. Height of a dog is equal in withers to the slanting length of a trunk. The developed muscles do it thickset and proportional.

2. Normal the pug should not look awkward, too lean or thick. He has to have strong muscles.

3. Head of a dog large and round, but without dredging on a skull. A short muzzle, square and not hitched up. On a muzzle there are pronounced wrinkles.

4. And to a bough of a pug it is possible to distinguish a dog on appearance. At the identical size of the case the head of a dog is always larger than the head boughs. It is possible to notice that the muzzle boughs has softer expression.

5. If to look at a skull of a pug behind, it has to be almost flat. The forehead does not act forward, the general width of a muzzle is equal to forehead width. The chin is rather well expressed.

6. Direct, ill-defined nose bridge. The nasal courses are not bent, simply shortened. Wrinkles form the symmetric drawing without impression of dampness and an otvislost of skin.

7. Nose lobe black, seldom light. Nostrils large and widely open. Eyes of a pug big and expressive, they give to an animal a mild and gentle look. Are put quite widely, on one line with a nose. Color of eyes most often dark.

8. Thin, soft auricles. The rosette form when ears are put over the head meets and are taken away back. Other form is called "button" at which ears the edges densely nestle on a skull.

9. The pug has small having a snack, foreteeth at the same time are on a straight line.

10. Lips of a pug thick, the lower lip densely closes the lower cutters. Quite often the jaw distortion meets.

11. The neck is slightly bent, reminds a crest, thick and long. The nape is expressed well. A wide thorax, with convex edges.

12. Front extremities strong, direct and parallel. They represent a reliable support to a trunk. Length of a shovel and humeral bone have to be ideally equal.

13. Elbows densely adjoin to the case and are directed back, pyast are slightly inclined. The belt is moderately tightened, but should not be hollow.

14. Back extremities very strong, direct and mutually parallel. Corners of joints are distinctly expressed, the hip and a shin are equal on length. Hips and buttocks brawny, big.

15. Back extremities are put widely that is distinctive feature of breed. Fingers are well divided, bent by an arch. Two middle fingers are slightly longer, than the others.

16. The tail is put highly, hardly twirled and pressed to a back. Thin wool, short, gentle. There is a thin short underfur.

17. Color options of a pug: silvery, apricot, pale-yellow, black. Marks of black color are characteristic: "mask", cheekbone warts, spots on a forehead, the line on the ridge.

18. Ideal weight is considered from 6 to 8 kg. Adult dogs in withers reach height from 30 to 33 cm, boughs – from 25 to 30 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team