As the spitz-dog looks

As the spitz-dog looks

Representatives of widespread breed of decorative dogs - a spitz-dog, it is possible to take for a plush toy easily. But on character this dog can quite be compared to adult fellows.

Shpitseobrazny dogs

The breed of dog under the name a spitz-dog has a large number of options. Dogs of average and small breeds enter into extensive group of shpitseobrazny that allows to pick up the favourite both for the city apartment, and for large rural territories. Their color can be the most various: from crystal-white to red, chocolate and black.The main distinctive feature of spitz-dogs is dense wool with a dense underfur at the expense of what it is lifted almost vertically. Besides, characteristics for spitz-dogs are sharp small standing ears, the fluffy tail twirled by "kalachik" and the sharp muzzle reminding fox. Among shpitseobrazny dogs distinguish such breeds as the American Eskimo dog, a Gronlandshund, the Finnish spitz-dog or the Karelian-Finnish laika, the Karelian bear dog. But decorative breeds – the German and Pomeranian spitz-dog are the most effective and popular today.

Decorative spitz-dogThe German spitz-dog is one of the most ancient European breeds. Dogs of this look can be various size: from 18 to 55 cm in withers. They are well built and have a square format, that is their growth is equal to trunk length. At spitz-dogs rather strong constitution and a volume thorax. Magnificent wool does not hide outlines of a dog. Soft underfur, and ostevy hair, on the contrary, rigid and dense. Distinguish the following from colors of wool: black, brown, zonarno-gray, white, orange, cream, partikolorny (multi-colored with the primary white color). Dog handlers distinguish such growth distinctions of breed: wolfspitz (keskhond), grosspitz (big), mittelspitz (average), kleinshpitsa (small). Some dog handlers consider the Pomeranian spitz-dog as a dwarfish kind of the German spitz-dog (tsvergshpitsa), others allocate him in separate breed. The Pomeranian spitz-dog differs from German in some parameters. Bitter orange wool softer, cotton and stuffed, on a muzzle it is shorter, than on a body. Besides, it is possible to distinguish slightly roundish skull, small ears placed not really widely from external signs of the Pomeranian spitz-dog. The zwergspitz can grow from 18 to 22 cm in withers. Such dogs on average of 1.4-3.5 kg weigh. Except the colors characteristic of the German spitz-dog (black, orange, cream, white, multi-colored), hair of the Pomeranian spitz-dog can be (sable), blue, blue and subdead colors, black and subdead, chocolate, red with common people.

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