Bashkir ducks: features of cultivation

Bashkir ducks: features of cultivation

The breed the Bashkir duck received the name, thanks to selectors of the breeding plant Blagovarsky located in Bashkortostan. It is remarkable that process of a conclusion was not purposeful. The breed appeared during selection works on improvement of productivity of the Beijing duck as a result of which mutant individuals began to appear.

Individuals mutants showed high resistance to diseases, good efficiency and unpretentiousness in leaving. Blagovarsky selectors decided to use unexpected result, began to select mutants and to purposefully make multiple copies them. As a result, they managed to achieve steady results in cultivation of new breed which received the official name "Bashkir Color Duck". Ducks of this breed are considered as ideal option for cultivation in private homestead enterprises, but at the same time and many large poultry farms part "Bashkirs".

Features of breed

The Bashkir color duck is two types distinguished on a color – "black belogrudy" and "khaki". Besides, externally the breed can be determined by the brawny, big, widely placed paws, a wide concave beak and the flat head. The main features of ducks of this breed is their unpretentiousness, frost resistance, excellent indicators of egg and meat efficiency and high resistance to diseases. The live mass of an adult individual can reach 4 kg, at the same time there is practically no fat in a carcass. From each individual there are about 70% of the live meat which does not have a specific smell and having special tenderness. In 40 weeks of life of the Bashkir are capable to hatch out from 200 to 230 eggs which weighing 80-90 g, the average deductibility at the contents in an incubator is 78-80%.

Features of cultivation and contents

The Bashkir color ducks are early breed, at the correct contents meat of ducks and drakes gets value after 52 days of cultivation. After this period an intensive set of weight stops, and ducks begin to fade. It is possible to support an adult individual in the conditions of a household up to 4 months. After in an incubator the new brood appeared, it should be placed in specially equipped, well lit the room or a cage. During the first 20 days indoors for keeping of ducklings temperature in 30ºC has to be maintained constantly. Half of the room has to be surely covered by the deep laying keeping heat. It should be noted that for emergence of a brood it is optional to use an incubator, the Bashkir ducks, thanks to the raised maternal instinct, without any problem hatch out eggs. After 20 days of keeping of ducklings temperature indoors can be lowered to 16-18ºC. It is the best of all to carry out walking of a brood together with a hen on any nearby reservoir. After 3 weeks of contents the light day for young growth should be reduced till 9-10 o'clock. In food the Bashkir ducks are unpretentious, it is possible to feed them with any grain compound feeds for poultry.

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