Diseases of pigeons and their treatment

Diseases of pigeons and their treatment

Among various diseases to which domestic pigeons are exposed there is several especially dangerous, having the infectious nature of emergence. Pigeon conjunctivitis, bird's tuberculosis and kolibakterioz concern those.


1. Inflammation of a century and a conjunctiva glazaetot an illness is shown by a constant itch in the opinion of a bird which she constantly rubs claws of the pads or about feathers. Symptoms of this disease is puffiness and reddening of a century and also the closed eye crack and a swelling of a conjunctiva. Moreover, from eyes of a pigeon the serous secret begins to be allocated, and skin around them sticks together, becoming covered by a brown crust. To cure this illness, it is necessary to use tea from a kamala or the eye drops containing an antibiotic in the structure. If at the same time the infection affecting pigeon eyes develops it is recommended to apply inside streptocides.

2. Bird's tuberkulezeshche one disease developing at pigeons. Bird's tuberculosis can be transmitted also to the person therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful in a case it of pigeons. At birds this illness is followed by fatigue, weakness, an otvisaniye of wings. Plumage of a bird becomes opaque and tousled. To diagnose bird's tuberculosis, it is necessary by means of the syringe to enter 0.05 ml of tuberculine into the top part of a century. If this infection nevertheless continues to develop, on the place of a prick there will be a distinct swelling. Unfortunately, treatment of pigeons for tuberculosis is considered inexpedient as birds for the period of the quarantine become carriers of an infection, and full treatment can take a lot of time. It is better to destroy sick pigeons.

3. KolibakteriozEto a disease is widespread among birds. Both pigeons, and hens, and broilers, and geese, and many other birds suffer from it. The activator – the opportunistic microbe which is in digestive tract of a bird. If at a pigeon the organism resilience to infections is weakened, this illness can take various intestinal forms. At the same time small knots are formed. Veterinarians say that the intestinal type of a kolibakterioz develops against the background of a koktsidioz and an askaridoz. In risk group there are in the basic young pigeons. Birds lose appetite, suffer from disorder of intestines, their breath becomes complicated. Further development of a kolibakterioz leads to death of pigeons.

4. It is necessary to apply antibiotics with a broad spectrum of activity to treatment of this disease. Among effective medicines it is possible to allocate terramitsin and biomitsin with a forage (100 mg of means for 1 kg of a forage). Moreover, it is necessary to carry out thorough disinfection of pigeons and their dovecot. It is necessary to know that the qualitative forage increases the resilience of a bird's organism to this disease. You should not forget also about inclusion in a food allowance of pigeons of vitamins.

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