How to accustom a cat to walk on the street

How to accustom a cat to walk on the street

Though cats are not dogs, but they, as well as at all animals, have a thirst for fresh air. It is necessary to tame a cat to walks without fail, walks in the fresh air yet to nobody and never did much harm. The main thing that the cat was not aggressive and not mad. Otherwise in the fresh air it is possible to forget about walks.

Advantage - and only!

In the fresh air need walks both people, and animal. It is not necessary to think if cats are purely house beings then and to sit all life within four walls to them on temper. It's not true. They want on fresh air from time to time too. Any sortie on the street will be useful to a cat or a cat as it is very curious animals.Of course, it will be simplest to accustom to walks and breast-bands of little kittens – it is the simplest to them to adapt to a situation, new to them. Adaptation for kittens is the real game! Adult cats and cats, of course, too it is possible to accustom to walk, however it is necessary to stock up with patience.

How to accustom cats to walks?Breast-band. First of all, it is necessary to get a special cat's lead – a breast-band. It is the peculiar thong clasping a cat in shovels who is clasped on a stomach of an animal. The breast-band will allow to lower risk degree during walks: the cat will not be lost and will not be hit by the car. In general breast-bands use for walking of expensive and thoroughbred cats (and cats) and also when moving, at a campaign in a veterinary clinic, during the trips in transport. It is necessary to put a breast-band on a cat still at home. It will allow him in advance to get used to it. If preference was given not to a breast-band, but a usual cat's collar, then on it it is necessary to hook a small counter. On it coordinates of owners of an animal have to be engraved. Besides, such collar on a cat is the indisputable proof that this animal – house. There is an opinion that collars do not suit at all cats as their neck more gentle, than at dogs, so, it is easy to injure it. The first walk. The very first walk in life of a domestic cat has to take place in the quiet and peaceful place. Well if there are also other members of household to whom the cat already got used: it will bring him more confidence. If the quiet place is far from the house, then it is recommended to inform of a cat it on hands. As soon as the place of walk is chosen, the cat needs to be put on the earth, to caress and wait until he independently begins any movement. It is not necessary to pull a cat on a breast-band for itself! Having experienced similar unpleasant emotions once, the cat will begin to feel fear to the walks. It should be noted that cats long develop novel places. Normal reaction of a cat to the first walk maybe such: the cat will just sit down on the earth and will begin to study the new surrounding area visually. Sometimes cats and cats begin to sniff slowly at everything that is near them. You should not forget that cats, unlike dogs, can "lose" the owner at quite small distance. Therefore it is not recommended to depart from the cat far, especially during his first walk. Here the following rule works: unlike dogs, not the cat follows the person, and he her! Attention! Before walk it is necessary to hold certain preventive events – inoculations and a glistovaniye. One more nuance: to walking it is possible to tame vast majority of domestic cats.

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