How to accustom a hamster to a wheel

How to accustom a hamster to a wheel

In your house the cheerful fluffy pet and together with it a fine cage with all additions, labyrinths, feeding troughs and of course a running wheel appeared. In the nature the hamsters need to run quite long distances therefore a wheel for it necessary ""racetrack"". Unfortunately, sometimes pets completely ignore a novelty and neglect physical activities.

It is required to you

  • Favourite delicacies, sheet of dense paper.


1. Check a wheel, it is how strong and correct it is fixed on a cage. The wheel has to rotate, not vibrate freely here and there. Check whether the wheel is suitable a hamster by the size (not less than 18 cm in the diameter for Syrians and 12 cm for Asian hamsters) and to type as it are not pleasant to some small animals metal, or on the contrary, plastic wheels. Pads of the pet should not fail between metal twigs or slip on plasticity. If the wheel is fixed on a cage wall, try to lower it below, or to raise on the contrary, perhaps, it is inconvenient to hamster to get into it. Make sure that access to a shell free and is complicated by nothing, it is not pleasant to some animals when near a wheel there are a lodge or feeding troughs. If all conditions are met, leave a small animal for several days when he gets used, then itself will show interest in a new subject in its cage. Observe the pet as hamsters mainly lead a nocturnalism, and they can also run in a wheel at night.

2. There passed week, and your hamster still ignores a wheel? Try to interest the pet in a new subject in addition. For this purpose put a piece of favourite delicacy in a wheel, consider that it is necessary to report tasty pieces quite often. The small animal will surely come into a wheel, at this moment try to rotate a little it, but be not zealous as the hamster can be frightened. If the pet leaves a wheel at once, without wishing to be in it long time, cover a wheel with the dense sheet of paper, the small animal will begin to move and will run.

3. Not everything the apartment by means of this ""transport"" it will be pleasant to it much more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team