How to bring up a wolfhound dog

How to bring up a wolfhound dog

The Irish wolfhound – one of the largest breeds of dog having severe appearance and reserved character. At the same time she quite well feels in the city apartment. Having chosen a wolfhound in partners, try to bring up correctly him that your life with this dog was trouble-free and joyful.


1. Education of any large dog should be begun from the first days of her emergence in the house. A wolfhound – not an exception. First of all, accustom a dog to own place. Prepare for her the convenient stove bench calculated for growth. Arrange it far from drafts and not on pass. The puppy has to understand that exactly here he in safety also can have a rest. You do not finger him when he is put to bed. However if the dog settled down on rest in not put place – on a sofa or a bed – transfer it to a stove bench.

2. Persistently you teach a wolfhound to teams. Consider that he is a borzoi, such dogs do not differ in ideal obedience. However the dog has to acquire the Foo, Mesto, Sidet and To Me teams. Train a puppy until he begins to carry out them. Do not forget to encourage an animal with delicacy for obedience.

3. Wolfhounds in the apartment behave quite quietly and the most part of free time prefer to sleep in a secluded corner. However the minimum of times a day a dog has to run about properly. In city conditions of walk it is necessary to make in a muzzle and on a lead. Release an animal only in solitudes. The wolfhound – a nonaggressive dog, however she frightens passersby by one look.

4. The Irish wolfhounds do not rush on strangers, but wishes to be driven for other animals. Do not release them to run uncontrolledly. Removing a lead, be sure that the dog will return to you according to the first requirement.

5. Do not allow the pet to stick to strangers, makes up to them. Wolfhounds can be too persuasive – teach the pupil to constrain emotions. You do not drive him to populous places. At the same time consider that representatives of this breed do not love loneliness. Do not leave an animal of one for a long time. Every day communicate with him at least on half an hour – play, talk, you teach teams.

6. Important point of joint life with a wolfhound – care for its wool. Wash the pet at least two times a month, it is desirable special wire-haired dogs shampoo. Every other day dense hair of a wolfhound needs to be combed a wire brush and a metal hairbrush with long teeths. Koltuna accurately cut off scissors. It is necessary to accustom to these procedures of a dog since childhood – then it will be simple to you to cope also with an adult dog.

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