How to buy a collar for a dog

How to buy a collar for a dog

Having made a canine friend, you need to care not only for care for the pet, but also for its safety, in particular for safe walking. Among ammunition necessary for a dog the important place is taken by a collar. It is necessary to buy a collar for a dog even prior to walks.

It is necessary to accustom to a puppy collar from early age. Therefore you should not postpone purchase of a collar until the moment of an exit to the street, few weeks of a postinoculative quarantine will be suitable for acquaintance of a dog to her ammunition.

There are different types of collars differing with the sizes and intended for a concrete method of training.

How to choose a collar for a dog

It is desirable to have several collars for different situations: daily, training, elegant/output, house. The quality has to be corresponding. It is possible to buy a collar for a dog of puppyish age cheaper, and working ammunition for serious powerful breed should be chosen without thinking about the price. Too expensive the rupture of a collar at the most inappropriate moment will manage. Besides the low-quality goods will cause to a dog of inconvenience. 

Determining the collar size, consider that between a collar and a neck of the pet 2 fingers have to be located. The design where the buckle is below, and a ring for a lead in the middle is more convenient. Such structure of a collar interferes with its excessive provorachivaniye on a neck of a dog and to a wool vyryvaniye. The buckle at the same time is supplied with the valve for protection of wool against damages. 

Walking collars which make from synthetics, skin or their combination are most often used. A number of models has a soft filing from fleece, felt or thin leather. In collars with such filing to a dog will be more comfortable. 

The collar is selected according to the pet's sizes. Representatives of large breeds will suit wide collars from several leather layers with a strong fastener. Pay attention to a ring for which the lead buckles up. It has to be fixed reliably on a collar and to be tselnolity. Such ring minimizes risk of failure of a dog from a lead. For small and average breeds it is possible to choose models of collars as narrower. 

How to buy a collar

For a long-haired dog consider option of a round collar in the form of a rope. It is desirable that the seam at a sock was located outside or sideways as the internal seam can rub to a dog a neck.

To dogs, often or constantly being on a leash, especially strong collars from synthetics or tarpaulin are necessary. These materials are not afraid of moisture and are not deformed because of temperature changes. To buy a collar for the dog living on the street in advance take measurements of her neck.

Except purely functional collars on sale there are also decorative models for tiny doggies. Such models are decorated with rhinestones, beads, bows to taste of the owner and are generally fashionable ornament for the favourite pet. 

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