How to call a tiger cub

How to call a tiger cub

The choice of a name for an animal – responsible, but very interesting process. And the animal is more exotic, the search of a name for it becomes more difficult and more fascinating. Therefore to call a tiger cub, it will be required to make a few efforts and imaginations.


1. Tiger cubs are seldom got by houses. These animals, despite belonging to the cat family, categorically do not suit for a pet role. However in circuses and zoos the tigers perfectly exist and communicate with people. And the last often should act as adoptive parents – to bring up, bring up and, of course, to think out a name. Strict rules how to call a tiger cub, do not exist. In difference from thoroughbred dogs and cats, the name not necessarily has to begin on the certain letter designating serial number of a dung. Therefore most often trainers choose a name, based on character or features of an animal. Also quite often the name to a tiger cub is chosen, based on the historical homeland of these animals or the actual place of their birth.

2. To decide how to call a tiger cub, it is necessary to observe previously his character - the suitable name can appear against the background of associations. A player, the Brawler, the Squabbler - the nicknames which are perfectly characterizing an animal. However it is necessary to remember that if the tiger cub is waited by the circus future, it is better to choose a name more sonorous and presentable. Skye, Hector, Walter - similar options will be pleasant to public. The developed self-respect and ""royal"" manners is peculiar to all representatives of the cat family. If the tiger cub shows such qualities, he will suit the corresponding names: Raj, Kayser, Chancellor, etc. The tiger cub can choose a name also depending on his breed - as Amur or Bengalese. The cupid, Akbar, Burma - such names will suit each representative of this look.

3. Begin to accustom a tiger cub to a name as soon as possible - it will help to come into contact with the person and will facilitate further process of training. For this purpose as often as possible you say a nickname aloud, surely you praise a small animal if he responds. Encouragement with a forage - also good way to fix at a tiger cub in memory his name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team