How to choose a forage for a parrot

How to choose a forage for a parrot

If you decided to get houses of a parrot, it is better to think of his food allowance in advance. As well as the various and balanced diet is necessary for any living being, your feathery friend.

Quality of a forage

First of all consult to experienced breeders of parrots and find out who and with what feeds the wards. Information such, as a rule, can be found at thematic forums. To you it is not necessary to ask about what forage is better, in pet-shop. As well as any other goods, a forage want to sell too.If you already got a forage for parrots and not really understand as far as it is high quality, it is possible to check it always independently. As before you grain mix, it can always be subjected to study. For a start smell a forage: quality mix will have a pleasant smell without impurity of a mold, mustiness or something artificial. If you feel that the smell is unpleasant to you, it is better not to risk. The next stage – structure. Pour out mix on a palm and look that enters it. The good forage does not contain garbage, dirt, insects or excrements. Also there should not be in it rotten, sprouted or obviously spoiled seeds. It is necessary to think of quality of a forage for parrots also if on a palm after it there is a distinct dirty trace. One more indicator of quality of mix – ability to germination. Take a small amount of a forage and try to couch it. If shoots amicable are seeds fresh and will be useful to your parrot. If sprouts mix not really well – the forage long lay and lost the most part of the properties.


What does the good balanced forage for parrots have to consist of? As a rule, all large producers do mixes of a yellow and Japanese millet, sowing seeds, hemp, a canary seed, a Senegalese millet and grits. Also at preparation of grain mixes use a winter cress and colza – these seeds contain the phosphate lime, fats, proteins and other enzymes necessary for recovery functions of cages, for growth and completion of vital energy. Remember that not only the qualitative structure of a forage, but also its balance is important. Ready forages are already balanced on the structure, and here if you decide to buy all components separately and to prepare mix independently, surely take advice of ornithologists or reference information.

Pay attention

Often components which can be absolutely undesirable to your pet are a part of forages for parrots. Avoid forages with iodine or vitamin complexes as these substances cannot be given to birds constantly.

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