How to feed the sterilized cats

How to feed the sterilized cats

To make the decision on sterilization of a cat happens not easy – it is a serious stress both for the most animal, and for his owner. Nevertheless, if your cat does not lead a free life and does not belong to number of breeding animals, it is better to sterilize her. Unrealized reproductive requirements create risk for health of an animal. But also after operation it is necessary to follow some rules that the cat remained healthy and active. In particular, it concerns features of feeding.

It is required to you

  • - clear water
  • - the natural or industrial products suitable for the sterilized animals


1. Remember that the sterilized animal needs less food as it begins to lead less active lifestyle. Food can remain for it the only entertainment – try not to allow it. Play with a cat, communicate with her.

2. You watch that in a diet of an animal there were enough mineral substances. And here it is better to exclude the products containing phosphorus and magnesium as they can lead to development of an urolithic disease.

3. Careful owners often consider that they do a good deed, caring for that in a pan the cat had a food all the time. But the sterilized animal can do these "a disservice": at such diet it will inevitably gain excess weight. And here, on the contrary, the cat always has to have clear fresh water in a pan.

4. Concrete recommendations about feeding depend on with what you feed your cat: natural food, or industrial sterns. If the cat eats home-made food, after sterilization she can eat meat (beef and a bird), milk porridges, vegetables, fermented milk products. An offal (chicken and beef hearts, it is better for cats not to give, because of high content in it of magnesium and phosphorus will be addition of a diet, useful and pleasant for a cat.

5. If you feed your pet with industrial sterns, after operation it is better to pay attention to food of the class "Premium" or "Superpremium". On packing it has to be usually specified whether this food is suitable for the sterilized animal. Some producers release special series of forages for such cats.

6. You should not be reinsured and begin to feed your cat with dietary food for treatment of an urolithic disease if it has no symptoms of a disease. To a healthy cat even if and sterilized, the dietary forage does not bring benefit.

7. Control animal weight. After operation the cat anyway slightly will recover, because of it you should not sound the alarm, but do not allow symptoms of obesity. To define whether excess weight appeared at a cat, run a hand over her back and hips: with a normal weight of a bone have to be notable to the touch.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team