How to choose between a cat and a cat

How to choose between a cat and a cat

The first question appearing in the head of the person who decided to start a kitten: "Whom after all to choose – a cat or a cat?". Little kittens girls and kittens boys practically differ in nothing from each other. But with age the sex of an animal defines his character and behavior more and more.


1. Having stopped the choice on a kitten boy, be ready that your apartment will become for the pet the real ground. Cats are very curious. Any new subject which appeared in the house will become for it subject to thorough survey. The pet will consider your apartment territories. Therefore as to her owner, a cat it will be just necessary to know everything that in it is created.

2. Keep in mind that the cat will control all your actions. He will surely follow you, than you were engaged, whether it be repair, washing, cleaning or a meeting of guests. All events will be in the house in sight of a cat.

3. Cats – excellent manipulators. Having elicited at you favourite delicacy, the pet will cease to rub about legs, and having been "full", at all will lose to you interest.

4. The tendency of cats to domination can lead to the fact that you will become the ordinary member of a cat's pride who will be directed by your favourite. You can avoid it if once and for all you let know to the pet, who in the house the owner.

5. Cats are less tidy, than cats. The most unpleasant in keeping of a cat is his need for "designation" of the territory. Though not all owners of these animals face such problem. Some cats simply have no need to mark the territory.

6. If you stopped the choice on a cat, know that they are much more tender than cats. If the cat, having sated with your love, escapes from hands and will escape, then you should beat off cat's tenderness most.

7. The orders in the house a cat establish not so impudently as representatives of an opposite sex. She very easily ingratiates the owner, and the most effective way for her to achieve the is whims.

8. Cats are the real neatniks. They can lick the wool for hours without a break, and having noticed that one of filaments was beaten out, begin process of reduction of in an order anew.

9. The biggest problem in keeping of a cat is the her mad behavior during a techka consisting in wild shouts at any time. You can solve this problem in several ways: to sterilize the favourite, to allow it to give birth regularly to kittens or just to suffer mad cat's cries.

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