How to choose to itself a dog

How to choose to itself a dog

The choice of a dog - very responsible action. Now in the world more than 400 breeds of dog, each of which has the features, habits and character.

It is required to you

  • books about breeds of dog, opinion of all family members


1. First of all weigh all circumstances of acquisition of a dog. If you have other pets, then pay attention as they will behave at appearance of the new family member. Especially it concerns cats who owing to the independence and cleanliness, not always peacefully adjoin to dogs. If you already have a dog, then pick up breed of the second so that they got on together. For example, aggressive alabay it is improbable will make friends with a terrier though it is quite possible. If you have small children, then in advance explain to them as it is necessary to behave with a dog. Large breeds of dog can be dangerous to the child. If the child absolutely small and does not understand yet that a dog - the living being, then try to warn unpleasant situations. Not each dog will suffer when she is dragged for a tail or interfere with the process of food. In the majority of a dog extremely loyally treat children and become for them peculiar ""nurses"".

2. Also define such important points as feeding and festivities. The dog will need to find a lot of time. Moreover, if you go to have a rest, try to decide with whom you will leave the pet. If the animal gets sick, it is necessary to carry him to the doctor. It is necessary to think over in advance whether you will have an opportunity to ask for leave from work. Unfortunately, at many such questions arise after acquisition of a dog.

3. The important moment - for what purposes you need a dog. If you need the responsible security guard then the German or Caucasian sheep-dog, alabay, Moscow sentry and others will approach. These breeds can be in the winter on the street, and their inherited security qualities will never fail you. Pay attention that the Caucasian sheep-dog has strong-willed and strong character therefore it is quite difficult trained. If you the tough person, then this breed just for you and if is not present - choose a German shepherd. Do you want to make the friend who will support at a difficult moment and with whom not terribly at night to walk down the street? Then for you a pit bull terrier, a bull terrier, a riesenschnauzer, a Rottweiler, etc. Fans of hunting will be is ideal by a hound, a gun dog, a dachshund, the borzoi and a setter. In them qualities of the hunter for years developed and cultivated therefore they will never bring you in a pursuit of a bird, a badger or a hare. For homebodies a great option a Yorkshire terrier, a poodle, the English or French bulldog, a Pekinese, a pinscher and others. If you like to spend much time in the fresh air, lead a sports life, then likes, malamutes, an Akita will be suitable for you. They adore running, jumping and dragging for themselves the sledge as it is congenital feature of breed.

4. Having decided on breed, it is necessary or the girl, the third is not given. Boughs is easier in training, are more tender and obedient. They are not spoiling for a fight, seldom run away from the house and adore the owners as they often have to them maternal feelings. Dogs are more aggressive, are inclined to escapes and adore ""building"" all family.

5. And to choose an adult dog or a puppy - to solve only to you. Puppies are amusing and lovely. You will experience all joy of possession of a dog, will bring up it as you find necessary. He will know in turn your habits and requirements, a daily routine and character. You will save up the sea of funny stories and photos. But the adult dog is spoken well that you will manage to avoid all ""children's"" diseases, sleepless nights and long months of trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team