How to construct to a cat a lodge

How to construct to a cat a lodge

The cat's lodge can be bought in shop, but it is possible to make independently. That it was convenient, it was pleasant to a cat and distracted her from a habit to sharpen claws about furniture, at it there have to be following elements: a mink, shelves and a claw sharpener which is often done in the form of a column. Then the animal can get on a pipe on a shelf above. The shelf should be established at height as cats very much like to examine the territory from above.

It is required to you

  • - Sheets of plywood 1 cm thick.
  • - Corners, self-tapping screws, bolts.
  • - Sewer pipe.
  • - Thick rope for a pipe winding (0.6-10mm) from natural fibers.
  • - Flavourless Clay.
  • - Fabric, a carpet or fur for an upholstery.
  • - Fabric, foam rubber.


1. Production of a lodge for a cat independently anyway will cost you in much smaller sum, than its purchase. Therefore you can especially not save in design sizes – the turned-out lodge will be higher, the more positively it will be estimated by a cat. You choose the optimum sizes, but higher than 1 m are desirable to make height. Do not forget about stability of a design.

2. You can independently think up planning of a lodge, and can spot in specialized shops for animals: there is a wide choice of lodges of various look. General design is as follows: below a box mink from which there is a pipe claw sharpener, at its top a shelf for rest up. For an upholstery it is the best of all to use a carpet, natural and not too rigid that the cat did not damage claws. Thinking over a lodge, do it steady or at once decide how to fix it to a floor. The cat's lodge surely has to have a bottom.

3. To make to a cat a lodge, at first cut walls and a floor from plywood and also a pattern for the shelf. Choose the sizes of a lodge so that to your alumna it was comfortable there, usually dimensions 60х60х40 suit any cat. Fasten a box with self-tapping screws or screws, at first attach all parties to a back wall, and in the last turn fit a front part if it is. Do all fastenings so that they were imperceptible.

4. For the shelf it is convenient to take a leaf about 50 by 50 cm. Paste on it the sheet of foam rubber, and from above fit everything fabric. Also fit an internal part of a lodge fabric, but do not use the stapler or carnations, otherwise your animal risks to break claws or is casual them to be hooked. Glue is the best means for fastening of fabric in a lodge.

5. Installation of a pipe. Attach 4 corners fastenings to both ends of a pipe. Then connect it at first to the lodge basis, and then attach the top shelf. In conclusion of operation wind a pipe with a rope and fix the ends. The pipe is wound in two layers. The first is fixed by a large amount of glue. When the layer dries, it is glued with a bilateral adhesive tape, and then also impose the second layer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team