How to recover hair after the iron

How to recover hair after the iron

Quite often after use of modern means of laying: the hair dryer, the iron, etc. hair lose the force and gloss. To recover them in house conditions, it is possible to use the checked national recipes.

It is required to you

  • - oil of grape seeds;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - vitamin E;
  • - marjoram (collecting);
  • - pharmaceutical camomile (collecting);
  • - nettle (collecting);
  • - blue clay;
  • - natural honey;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - water.


  1. For hair recovery after use of the iron prepare nutritious mask. For this purpose you will need to mix 1 tablespoon of oil of grape seeds, 3 tablespoons of burdock oil and 5 drops of vitamin E. In advance get these components in drugstore or specialized shop.
  2. Apply ready means on moist hair, evenly distributing on all length of hair. From above wrap up curls with polyethylene hat or film. In 20-30 minutes wash away the remains of means warm flowing water, having added a little shampoo.
  3. You carry out this procedure 2-3 times a month. After the first application you feel visible result. Your hair will find healthy gloss and force.
  4. For giving to hair of vital force and beauty prepare broth on the basis of medicative herbs. For this purpose mix 1 tablespoon of nettle, 1 tablespoon of marjoram, 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical camomile. Fill in ready collecting herbs with 1 liter of abrupt boiled water. Cover the capacity of dense and leave for 40-60 minutes.
  5. Before application filter broth on the basis of curative herbs. Use it as conditioner after each washing of the head.
  6. The mask for hair on the basis of blue clay also effectively recovers curls after use of the iron. For its preparation mix natural honey (1 teaspoon), blue clay (1 teaspoon), egg yolk, lemon juice (1 teaspoon).
  7. Mix this means before obtaining uniform consistence. After that evenly distribute ready mix on all length of hair. Wrap curls special polyethylene hat or film. 10-15 minutes later the remains of means wash away warm water with small addition of shampoo. Using the restoring mask regularly, you will achieve visible result in short terms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team