Whether it is worth increasing hair: pros and cons

Whether it is worth increasing hair: pros and cons

Long hair – it is womanly and it is seductive therefore at all times well-groomed curls by length to belt were appreciated. However not each woman can grow hair of the necessary length therefore more and more girls use opportunities of building of locks.

Today there is set of types of building, each of which has both advantages, and shortcomings. Pluses and minuses are characteristic and in general of the procedure of building. Before experimenting with hairstyle, it is worth listening to arguments of pros and cons of hair extension.

Arguments pro building

The newest technologies of building allow to receive head of hear of any length and density, including curly curls even if "the" hair short. Building will help to become in only several hours the owner of the luxurious spit, it is optimal variant for celebration. For example, weddings, final or long-awaited holiday.

It is simple to look after hair after building, it is necessary to wash the head with habitual shampoo, to use masks and balms. It is better to comb "mane", since tips to avoid plica poconicas. Hair after building can be painted, twisted, stacked in any way. With the increased locks it will be possible to swim in the pool bravely. Some technologies allow to carry out correction, that is, time of carrying long curls increases. At last, long and beautiful hair allow the woman to feel like the queen, experimenting with appearance. This feeling is worth a lot, besides not each girl has desire and opportunity to long grow "native" hair.

Hair extension minuses

In certain cases building is contraindicated. It is better not to think of building at persistent hair loss, tendency to allergy, head skin diseases. You should not carry out the procedure if there is need of intake of strong medicines or the chemotherapy is appointed. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure if own hair weakened, fragile, building only aggravates their state. Practically all methods at removal of artificial locks lead to loss of the hair. Hot technologies of building are considered as the most unsafe, they lead to violation of growth and food of hair. Also used capsules can bring discomfort during sleep. Hair extension not always allows to achieve desirable result, at the same time the cost of the procedure is available not to each visitor of specialized salons. You should not forget that after building it is regularly necessary to come to correction, this service also costs money.

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