How to delete the unnecessary addresses

How to delete the unnecessary addresses

Do you want to hide the history of visit of Internet pages from other users of the personal computer? There is nothing more simply. Just seize the opportunities of the browser and PC.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer;
  • - the browser which you use for work.


1. Each observer, irrespective of developers of the program, stores history of all visited addresses of Internet resources in the subsoil. It is possible to browse it, having come into the log.

2. Information on all visited pages in Mozilla FireFox is in the special section. It is possible to come into it, having clicked a browser icon on top. In the opened window select the section "Log" displaying all actions of the user on the Internet.

3. Pass to the Show All Log point and go to "Library" in which all list of the visited pages will be submitted. Select the unnecessary addresses, click to them with the right mouse button and delete.

4. It is also possible to edit the history of visits in Mozilla by means of the following keyboard shortcuts of the keyboard. Having clicked Ctrl + Shift + H, you will open "library". – delete with the buttons Ctrl + Shift + Del the addresses of the websites unnecessary you.

5. The fast and practical Google Chrome browser saves information on the visited sites in the Setup menu. Click an icon "key" on the panel of the browser and pass to the History point. Click this link, then pass on the page where it is possible to see all visited addresses.

6. In the observer of Internet Explorer the history of the pages opened earlier is browsed by clicking of the buttons CTRL + H. In a side bar of the browser you will see history of all visited sites. Change it, having deleted the unnecessary addresses, it is possible the right mouse button.

7. All data on pages of the Internet are stored also by the computer. For their removal via the Start-up button pass to the Control panel point. Select the section "Internet Options". Then delete cookies in the history of the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team