How to cure a cat of parasites

How to cure a cat of parasites

If in your house there lives a cat who even at all is not going outside, then there is rather high probability in one not wonderful day to see parasites in its excrements. It can be worms of several millimeters or larger copies. How to arrive to the person who just found out that his cat has helminths?


1. Do not panic. Yes, worms at a cat – it is unpleasant, but not fatally and in most cases it is not dangerous to the person. If you with own eyes saw that your animal is infected with helminths, then you can, without making tests, to carry out his expulsion of helminths. Without being an expert, you can not distinguish what parasites at your cat. Most often it or flat tape-worms, for example, a cucumber tapeworm, or roundworms – toksokara. Besides, the fact that you saw one species of worms in a tray at a cat, does not mean that it is possible to exclude a possibility of presence at an animal of the mixed invasion.

2. Owing to these reasons buy in pet-shop glistogonny a broad spectrum of activity which is active concerning different types of worms. Calculate a dosage depending on the weight of your pet. If it is not possible to observe precisely it, then it is better to give medicine in slightly bigger quantity (for example, 2.5 tablets instead of 2 ¼), than in smaller, then not all parasites will die.

3. Give glistogonny to a cat on an empty stomach, that is she before drug intake has to have rather easy last meal and not less than in 9-10 hours before you give it tablets. 10-12 days later drug intake should be repeated that the parasites who hatched from eggs during this time died. Open a mouth for an animal and surely throw a tablet to it on a language root, and then stroke it on a throat. The cat will safely swallow a tablet if all of you make correctly.

4. If you want to make sure of lack of parasites at your animal – for example, you took a cat in the house and do not want to stuff her with rather toxic glistogonny medicines without the bases, special on that, – you can make the test an animal calla in special laboratory. By results of its research you not only learn about whether your pet has parasites, but also will know for sure their versions what to allow your veterinarian to pick up the most effective scheme of treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team