How to feed a domestic rabbit

How to feed a domestic rabbit

You had a rabbit, and you bought for him any boxes with sterns and vitamins. That your pet was happy and healthy, attentively see to what food is pleasant to him and what is not present. Tastes at all rabbits different therefore he needs to pick up an individual diet, surely leaving the main component good hay.

It is required to you

  • The rough, concentrated forages, vegetables, fruit, vitamin and mineral supplements, water, drinking bowl


1. Adhere to the main scheme of feeding and try not to depart from it since at rabbits very sensitive system of digestion. They react to any stress diarrhea and nervous behavior that very much harms them. If you became the owner of a rabbit recently or are going to take it to the road, then the first 3-4 days feed only him with good hay. For example, not overdried hay of bean cultures does not spoil and contains many proteins, vitamins. When the small animal gets used to a situation, without hurrying enter new types of food into his diet.

2. Treat him with juicy green sterns in the summer. Carrots, a girasol, fodder beet, apples, squash and various greens – the most favourite delicacies of rabbits. Vegetables and fruit should be washed and given to small animals only in the raw. Besides, these products have the properties increasing amount of milk at feeding the self-check. Greens and a grass in a diet should not be too much. When feeding do not forget to add hay and the concentrated forages. Hay belongs to rough sterns. But it is necessary for rabbits during the whole year. Add a branch forage and straw to a feeding trough. Rabbits love branches of an aspen, a linden, a maple and also fruit crops. This type of food normalizes digestion and is necessary to them for grinding of teeth.

3. You feed your pet preferably with hay in the winter, adding vegetables and concentrates. Remember that hay has to be in a cage constantly. It has to contain green leaflets and be pleasant to your rabbit since flavoring preferences at them can differ. Get a special feeding trough for it or make a bunch of hay and suspend in a cage that it was not soiled. Give preference to the qualitative concentrated sterns. Now it is possible to buy correctly picked up various mixes in pet-shops. Pick up the mix suitable for your pet, and you feed him according to a dosage.

4. Consider that rabbits can be put to a forage up to 30 times a day and absolutely wish to eat densely at night. Therefore do not forget to leave in a feeding trough food for the night. The same treats also water. You watch that it always was clean. Get a special drinking bowl that water remained is fresher longer.

5. Do not forget the recommendation of experts that it is better to give juicy forages to a rabbit in the morning. So you track how quickly he will eat them and whether they will cause disorders of digestion in him. You will be able to take quickly measures in case of need.

6. Follow the most important rule when feeding domestic rabbits - it is constant existence in a feeding trough of various food. Besides, from time to time add vitamin medicines and mineral fertilizing to food.

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