How to develop thinking of the child

How to develop thinking of the child

Each child has huge creative and intellectual potential, but from parents who bring up it and are engaged in its development, depends whether this potential fully will be shown, or will remain unrealized. It is very important to be engaged in due time in development of children's thinking – future life of your child depends on it, and as far as his abilities and talents and also his logical and analytical skills will be shown further.


1. Be engaged in development of memory of the child, paying attention to all types of memory at once – visual and figurative, verbal and motor. Three types of memory demand development of different methods of perception – the child has to learn to perceive colors, to remember appearance of people, to visually distinguish some images from others; also he has to remember information heard in words, and at last, to learn the world and to remember some things through tactile feelings.

2. It is also important to develop the emotional sphere of the child that he could remember the emotions and feelings which he shows in relation to different things and events.

3. If motor or mechanical memory is short-term, then emotional and logical is held in to the head at the person for many years in remembrance therefore try to develop these types of memory in particular. Suggest the child to share with you feelings and emotions, ask, how was your day, play with him in association.

4. The creative activity also allows to train thinking – drawing something, the child remembers better the necessary things as he defines them visually. For this reason at early age it is useful for child to give books with bright and detailed illustrations.

5. If the child already rather adult, and he has problems with storing of boring and abstract rules and dates, try to give it this information in a non-standard form – for example, in poetic. Besides, the child will readily remember any things if he has on it a motivation and if he is really interested in learning anything.

6. You watch that development of the child was versatile and many-sided. It has to be not only intellectual, but also physical – provide the child with enough mobile sports, allow it to splash out energy during walks, and take care of that the child together with food received a full-fledged set of vitamins and minerals on which its intellectual development directly depends. In order that the child had no stresses, seek for creation of the favorable and friendly atmosphere in family.

7. Do not forget that for children the most natural method of knowledge of the world is a game. Play informative and logical games all family – they develop memory and erudition and also improve the atmosphere in family. Offer the child both verbal games, and games with pictures and toys.

8. Hide from the child of a toy, and then suggest to find them, directing him words "cold" or "hotly", or answering leading questions of the child. Ask to the child riddles and rebuses, and then together guess them. All this develops logic and ability to the analysis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team