How to develop abilities at preschool children

How to develop abilities at preschool children

All parents want their child to grow at the clever, healthy and happy little man. The identity of the child is generally formed in the first six years of life, and parents have to it help and put in it in development of the baby a maximum kind, useful and necessary. Certainly, it is not necessary to rush to extremes and to overload the child, but parents can improve his development.


1. Since the birth do not limit creative and physical activity of the baby. Practice free swaddling, install suspended modules in a bed.

2. When the kid a little grows up - buy him toys for development of tactile feelings, coordination of movements, fine motor skills, show to the kid bright, colourful books and pictures, cubes with letters.

3. One and all children are interested in household goods. If they are safe for the kid, allow it to play with them. Thus, children learn the world around.

4. As often as possible read to the child verses, fairy tales and different children's fascinating stories. Children's and classical music contributes to very well early development of kids.

5. Buy the child the developing games and sets for children's creativity. Drawing, a molding, puzzles and various designers - your chief assistants in development of abilities in children of preschool age.

6. Leave with the child on the nature. Walk on the wood, collect cones and acorns, dig a bouquet of wild flowers. Show it the river or the spring. Let him learn to learn and love the nature not only according to pictures.

7. You watch together with the child kind children's animated films and documentaries about the nature and about animals. After viewing you share impressions and explain episodes which the child did not understand.

8. Acquire several informative children's encyclopedias. Pay attention to those subjects which especially carry away the child. Sort every evening at least according to one page from the encyclopedia.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team