5 secrets how to use less calories

5 secrets how to use less calories

If you don't want to overeat and the more so to gain excess weight, follow these 5 rules. You shouldn't keep to diets.


1. Control calories - add vegetable paints. Bright and useful vegetables can sate us not worse than a steak. Carrots, a celery, cucumbers, pepper of all flowers - surprise the guests with rich colors of the dishes. Bake a cauliflower, an asparagus or green beans with small addition of olive oil, favourite herbs and spices. Preparation in an oven impacts to ingredients new pleasant relish.

2. Don't miss the planned meals. Having come on a visit hungry, you risk to spend more time with the plate, than with friends and the family. Try to observe the habitual schedule of meal on so many on how many it is possible. Let it will be small yogurt, a handful of nuts or small fruit, but don't dare to go on a party hungry. You risk to lose over yourself control.

3. Use ""festive"" food and refrain from ""daily"". On a table there are so much temptations, but you should place priorities. Find that dish which you eat extremely seldom, only on holidays. Afford a piece of favourite pie. But instead refuse sandwiches and mashed potatoes, it can always be prepared most. So you will manage to balance amount of the received carbohydrates and calories.

4. Have will power and eat in the small portions. Know that actually it is necessary for you less, than it seems. You remember: the more the plate, the is more than calories. Use only small cups and plates. Believe, hungry you will definitely not remain!

5. Try to eat slowly. The quicker we eat, the more we risk to overeat. Turn meal into a meal. Talk to the friends, slowly enjoy a feast. So you will be quicker full, respectively and portions will become much less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team