How to decorate the entrance

How to decorate the entrance

When you come back home from work, there is a wish to appear as soon as possible in cozy house situation. And the our house is ""closer"", the more pleasantly at heart. You open door of entrance and mentally already you are at home. How to turn the entrance into part of your nest?

1. Agree with neighbors to observe purity, put unnecessary rug before ladder on your platform, organize cleaning on the floor and try to prove to them as far as it is important. This step the most difficult as it is not always easy to agree with neighbors and if you live on first floors, then and in general with inhabitants of all entrance.

2. ""Restore"" the room. Together with neighbors arrange small repair on stair landing - replace floor covering, recolour walls and ladder. On simple cliches which huge set on the Internet, paint or the spray it is possible to make colourful patterns of barrel or to put various animation characters if on site there live many children or you just love cartoons.

3. Fill with comfort your entrance. Your opportunities are limited only to conditions and the sizes of stair landing. Lay out old rug, put several flowers on windowsill or put shop near window if from it especially good view. If your entrance is not visited by uninvited guests, it is possible to decorate entrance with pictures and hand-made articles of your children. Own exhibition every day - good way to please also itself and your child.

4. If your entrance still has no modern reliable door, access to which only residents of the house have, surely be engaged in fund raising on installation and purchase of this design. Be not afraid to take the responsibility for this occupation: you need to pass on residents and to raise money. As soon as money appears at you, find in the Internet the next to you the center of installation of doors and secure your fortress. That's all. The house became several steps closer!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team