How to cut claws at a mumps

How to cut claws at a mumps

Guinea pigs are quite unpretentious animal, but certain rules of care for them after all exist. For example, this animals should cut claws periodically. Growing, claws begin to twist. It can lead to a curvature of fingers, injuries of small pillows of paws, besides, with long claws simply it is inconvenient to animal to go. It is necessary to carry out the procedure as required, on average about once a month.

It is required to you

  • file for nails, the nail clipper. Cuticle or usual scissors cannot use as they promote stratification of a claw of an animal.


1. At guinea pigs up to four fingers on lobbies paws and on three – on back. At a hairstyle it is necessary to leave claws on hinder legs longer, than on lobbies. Besides, you remember that the guinea pig should cut claws under a certain corner that the paw quietly could lean on a surface.

2. Starting a hairstyle of claws, take a mumps on hands and develop a back to yourself, at the same time supporting pads. It is necessary to cut claws at good lighting. It is convenient to carry out the procedure at a lamp to have an opportunity to consider claws on a gleam - it will help to make out blood vessels which cannot be touched at a hairstyle at all. It is possible to shorten claws only within the transparent site as if you touch a vessel, bleeding will begin. Several drops of blood will quickly be curtailed, but unpleasant feelings after all will remain with a mumps. The wound will heal long enough that will cause the mass of inconveniences to your pet. Especially attentively it is necessary to cut claws at pigs with dark coloring as vessels on their claws are almost not visible. Whenever possible use a file for shortening of claws of dark pigs. If claws not too long, use only a file for nails, but if it will not be enough, then cut off claws the nail clipper, accurately, millimeter behind millimeter deleting the grown claw.

3. Cut claws to a guinea pig in due time, do not allow them to grow too long as the claw is longer, the also the blood vessel becomes longer. Thus, if you miss the hairstyle moment, then then you should leave claws longer, than you would like.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team