How to disaccustom a dog to bite hands

How to disaccustom a dog to bite hands

So, the amusing yelping creation lodged at your place. But here the problem – a dog at the same time strives to bite hands to all who want to show to it the friendliness. How to fight against it?


1. If the puppy is not yet 4 months old, then a problem with biting at him quite children's. Its dairy teeth drop out, and on their change constants grow. Because of it it scratches gums, and he bites and gnaws everything that occurs in the path.

2. At the same time do not beat the pet at all! And do not even raise on him the voice. Dogs it is fine to hear intonations and understand mood of the owner. Your voice has to sound firmly and surely, but not angrily.

3. Order the ban on a sting and stir up your pet, having taken it by the scruff. In this way mom dog brings up the posterity. Therefore your gesture will be interpreted correctly. Wait for minutes ten. Make sure that the animal obeyed you, and only after that continue caress. Otherwise the puppy can decide that your actions only a part of a game.

4. Instead of stirring bend down a muzzle of a puppy to the earth, having also taken it by the scruff. The team of the ban at the same time too has to be present. Phrases "faugh can be forbidding!", "it is impossible!" or "stop!", told with a certain intonation. Do not continue further a game, you will not understand yet that the puppy acquired the rule.

5. Also at a bite it is possible to scream sharply and loudly. In the world of dogs the squeal is a pain indicator. And the ordinary domestic dog does not want to hurt the owner, especially is accidental.

6. Distract it from your hand. Thrust to it into a mouth the toy capable to take as much as possible place. Then he will begin to gnaw it. The toy should not be sewed from fabric. The puppy can break off it on a part and swallow pieces. Ideally buy a special stone from veins in pet-shop. It will not do harm and will be the good assistant in fight against the growing second teeth of a dog.

7. In order to avoid a bite just once again avoid to put hands in a mouth to an animal. You feed from small distance or only in a bowl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team