How to disaccustom a puppy to gnaw things

How to disaccustom a puppy to gnaw things

What breed the puppy would not appear in your house, you anyway will face such problem as the gnawed things. And, can suffer from its sharp teeth the half-house - wall-paper on walls, furniture, cords, footwear – everything to what it will be able to reach and "taste". It is difficult to prevent destructions, but it is quite possible.


1. To sharpen the growing teeth – physiological need of a dog. Buy it the toys which are specially intended for this purpose. They have to attract its interest therefore you hold a part of toys hidden and from time to time spread them to it for entertainment, removing with what it played recently. In such a way at a puppy to be retained interest in its toys.

2. Whenever possible do not leave the little mischievous person alone, under priglyady any of members of household he will not be able to cause a notable loss. If you leave it alone, remove everything that can draw its attention and to become dangerous – especially electric wires. Some owners practice even to lock a puppy in a special cage where he can drink and have a sleep, but from which cannot be chosen and gnaw expensive furniture.

3. You can try to develop a resistant negative reflex at a puppy, having smeared a wire or legs of furniture with some harmless "muck" of type of a lyapis or bitter pepper. Build similar traps and try to develop at it resistant prejudice against those things which seem to it potentially attractive.

4. Leaving the house, make sure that the puppy is full, leave it a special stone which sell in special shops. That to crack it, several hours will be enough for it, and here you just also will come back home.

5. Use punishment if, despite all your efforts, the puppy persistently prefers footwear and wall-paper to stones and toys. Give it a dressing-down as it is done by the boughs training the kids or leaders of dog packs. For this purpose it is enough to take of it for withers and to stir up slightly that pain was not, but the caution was understood. But remember that it is necessary to punish at once as soon as you see the puppy gnawing things. If you punish him after a while, then he can just not understand for what he received a scolding from the favourite owner.

6. Also you remember if you forbade a puppy to gnaw something, then it is not necessary to resolve then even if you have a great mood and you understood that you can offer the furniture or wall-paper that also to your friend it became also good. Be always persistent with a dog and patiently try to obtain the. It is guarantee of her correct education.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team