How to feed a cockerel small fish

How to feed a cockerel small fish

To watch small fishes in an aquarium very fascinating business. Inhabitants of the underwater world are so various! The small fish cockerel is attractive by the bright coloring and a shape of fins. If you decided to contain such in an aquarium, it is necessary to learn about her gastronomic addictions.

It is required to you

  • - live crank;
  • - crustaceans;
  • - frozen crank;
  • - trubochnik;
  • - dry feed from pet-shop.


1. Fighting small fish-cockerel is not choosy in food and can eat different sterns: dry, live, frozen. The usual diet consists of a crank, crustaceans, a trubochnik and a dry feed, but the cockerel gives preference to live worms and crustaceans. A crank – the most available and widespread forage. Use only a fresh and live crank. Worms have to move, not have an unpleasant smell and to be bright red (small) or red (large) colors. That when feeding the live crank did not fall by a bottom, use a special floating feeding trough. Worms gradually creep out of it in water and small fishes manage to eat them.

2. If you feed a cockerel with crustaceans, at first carefully wash a forage in a net with flowing water. Select several live copies and put in a small jar with water. Lower to bank in an aquarium under an inclination. Crustaceans will come up and will become a treat for your small fishes. At a cockerel good appetite and he readily eats everything. That the small fish did not overeat, limit amount of food. Divide a day portion on 2-3 times and offer food in the small portions. For good nutrition alternate forages. Do not forget that the frozen crank and dry crustaceans have to make only insignificant additive, the main part of a diet needs to be provided at the expense of a live forage.

3. If you need to replace a food allowance, accustom a cockerel to a new forage gradually. The small fish will be capricious at first, but then begins to eat it with great pleasure. Add a new treat in the small portions to the basic, and then make replacement completely. Before feeding of a small fish pay attention to the size of her paunch. The cockerel itself brings a variety the menu. He successfully hunts aquarian snails (physical, horn coils, melaniye).

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