How to feed a puppy of a Pekinese

How to feed a puppy of a Pekinese

As a rule, at sale of puppies, each manufacturer respecting himself together with documents reports to a dog to the new owner and an instruction about the correct feeding of a puppy or adult dog. But, unfortunately, a Pekinese – too widespread dog. Big percent of people buys puppies not through clubs from manufacturers, and in poultry markets or according to announcements at casual sellers. In such situation involuntarily it is necessary to think: how to feed a puppy of a Pekinese.

It is required to you

  • - stern,
  • - bowls for food and water.


1. Regardless of which you will prefer a type of feeding for the Pekinese – ready industrial forages, natural products or the mixed food, feed a puppy depending on his age (from 1 to 12 months) and his requirements of 3-6 times a day. Provide to a dog continuous free access to water. But never leave food in free access. Put a bowl with food no more than for 30-40 minutes. Then move away her even if there was a food.

2. If you decided to feed the puppy of a Pekinese with ready-made feeds, then choose forages more quality "Premium" or "A super premium" of a class. You do not feed a puppy with sterns "House-keeper" of a class – in such sterns a little what useful to a dog. Get for your kid a special forage "for puppies" and give it according to the table specified on packing. Usually different producers have a ratio of the given forage in day and the weight (age) of a dog differ therefore pay attention to the recommendations of producers. The same treats also tinned sterns.

3. At natural feeding give to a puppy not only meat and an offal, but also grain, vegetables, fruit, fermented milk products. At a daily diet of a canine friend there have to be about 80% of products and animal origin, the rest – vegetable products. You cook to a puppy of porridge from rice or buckwheat on water or meat broth (it is possible to cook and millet, but this grain it is too heavy therefore you should not give it every day). Several times a week you cook milk semolina porridge without addition of sugar. Instead of sugar add ¼ teaspoons of honey. It is possible to cook the mixed porridges from identical amount of rice, buckwheat and millet. Sometimes you cook porridges (dairy or on water) from oat flakes.

4. From meat feed to a dog only beef or chicken in the exposed to frost 3-5 days or boiled look. Add meat to porridge in the form of forcemeat or in pure form. Besides meat, 3-4 times a week give to a puppy an offal beef or chicken: heart, liver, kidneys, lung, hem. Boil heart, kidneys, a lung and give small pieces or give exposed to frost, previously having defrozen them. Give a liver in small amounts 1-2 times a week and only boiled. It is desirable to give a hem to crude.

5. Do not give to a puppy of a stone, especially tubular. They any do not bring benefit, and here can do harm irreparable. Instead as delicacy buy a dried offal in pet-shop. Also feed them every day gradually. Also as delicacy offer crude fruit and vegetables, excepting what is caused by swelling and gas generation. It is good to give dried fruits sometimes.

6. 2-3 times a week give to a Pekinese low-fat cottage cheese and a boiled yolk of egg. It is possible to give a crude yolk of quail egg. Before feeding grind a yolk and mix it with cottage cheese. For the best digestion and quality of wool daily add to porridges 0.5 of a teaspoon vegetable or several drops of linseed oil. When feeding by natural food surely every day give to a puppy vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team