How to hold a dog

How to hold a dog

Having decided to get a dog, you have to have a clear view of that responsibility which to lay down on your shoulders, for education and keeping of a canine friend. A dog – at all not a toy, behind it permanent care and attention is necessary, it is necessary to watch over her health. If you do not have for this time, then it is better not to torment neither itself, nor an animal and to be limited to aquarium fishes. In case you are ready resolutely, take some advice.


1. Buying a dog, learn everything about that breed which representative the dog is. It is even better to choose breed under the character and conditions in which you will be able to contain it. Consider her natural tendencies and those that appeared as a result of selection work on breed.

2. For each dog it is important to take own place where she can take cover and have a rest, but that from it there was an opportunity to watch life of other members of household. If that place which you chose for it for some reason did not suit a dog, grant it the right to choose it independently and equip it then according to the requirements. For little dogs it is better to get a basket or a special lodge where it will be able to take cover. Do not place a dog in kitchen, in the sleeping or children's room.

3. That stay in the apartment did not become for an animal torture, regularly walk him 2-3 times during the day. At least one walk a day has to continue not less than half an hour that the dog could be run and with pleasure to return to the house and the family blissfully to doze.

4. The dog has to have the place and ware for food. Usually it for convenience is placed in kitchen. You watch that in a bowl the dog always had fresh water, you feed her on hours and remove from it before the following feeding unfinished food.

5. Bring up the dog and train in all necessary teams. It is language by means of which you will be able to explain to the dog what from it is required. Besides, knowledge of teams will help to keep life of a dog in city conditions at heavy traffic of transport.

6. Your love for an animal is expressed not that you feed him with everything that you eat and sleep with him in one bed. Remember that the correct education and special dog food are much more important for an animal. And it is possible to love it at the same time also strongly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team