How to issue a family tree to a cat

How to issue a family tree to a cat

The family tree is a document which certifies origin of a cat and her breed. If you bought a thoroughbred kitten and plan to participate with him in exhibitions, registration of a family tree is obligatory. How to make it?


1. If you buy a kitten in nursery, make sure that on it the document – a metrics which contains information on breed, parents and date of birth is created. The family tree is given only on its basis.

2. After half a year address, to that club in which mother cat consists. The aktirovka of a kitten and if he conforms to all standards of breed will be made, on it the family tree will be got. Usually the following data are specified in this document: emblem of club and its name, address and contact phone numbers of club, number of a family tree and information on the most animal: date of birth, nickname, breed, color and floor. Specify data on mother and her ancestors to the third knee in a full family tree, their achievements and titles fit in. Information on the father and his origin and also date of issue of a family tree is also surely entered. Such document grants the right for participation in exhibitions and breeding cultivation. Data on ancestors are collected from registration books of club.

3. If you are sure that you a kitten thoroughbred and want to get on him a family tree, but know nothing about his origin, you can bring an animal for examination. If the expert establishes that all characteristics (a color, a bite and other) meet standards of breed, then the cat will receive a family tree, however in the column "parents" there will be an inscription: "The origin is unknown". In this case the cat can become the ancestor of own line. Such animals are allowed to experimental cultivation.

4. Begin to make out a family tree when the animal did not reach age of one year yet. After that it will be more difficult to make the necessary documents. At registration of a family tree can demand from you also the pet passport which can be made in any state vetklinika.

5. Even if you are not going to participate in exhibitions, upon purchase of a kitten surely demand documents. Your plans can change, but if time is missed, your favourite forever will remain without prizes and medals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team