How to make support under fir-tree

How to make support under fir-tree

The New Year's time comes. This holiday is looked forward by people of all age and nationalities. They wait home and the New Year's beauty whom it is necessary to establish, dress up and begin celebration of New Year in absolutely New Year's situation. But that the fir-tree has not fallen, it is necessary to make reliable support for it.


If there are no ready boards, cut them in the necessary quantity from one big board not less than 160 cm long.

We fasten to each end of 20-centimeter boards or we beat corners. We fasten these boards to 40-centimeter (to each board of the bigger size we fix on two small), receding from each parties on 5 cm. Between small boards we leave distance more – stability of design will increase noticeably and bolts just for decoration will be simpler to be twisted then.

As a result, at us two "benches" which need to be united turn out. In the middle of long boards we drill on opening. It is better to do them with small shift up or down.

We do opening in fir-tree trunk and we connect it to our first bench, by means of furniture bolt. From reverse side we arrive in the same way, without forgetting to try on that both parts were parallel. Of course, it is possible to use instead of two bolts four, for bigger fortress. But with two bolts we have opportunity support a little to turn that it stood steadily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team