How to put the lock on outer door

How to put the lock on outer door

Process of insert of the lock at door is rather difficult, but also pride from the done work will remain for a long time. That everything has turned out from the first, the lock needs to be chosen correctly.

Right choice of the door lock

The choice should be made in favor of modern models of locks — in spite of the fact that they are more expensive at the price, such locks it is much more reliable. Can supply very high-quality locks to the market, but choose them in specialized shop more reliable and safer. Besides, it is necessary to trace that the lock has fitted into door in all respects, for this purpose the door and the old castle measure previously houses.

If the lock needs to be cut in iron door, not to do without the help of experts; but it can replace already available lock with similar to everyone.

Even the most high-quality lock will not ensure safety of the dwelling in case it is established not by rules. Therefore it is necessary to adhere strictly to recommendations about installation and to observe the sequence of works.

Installation of the door lock

The door before works is established and is strictly fixed in such situation that approach to it on both sides was convenient. The first stage of works — insert of groove under the lock. The lock is put to door cloth as it will be located there subsequently, and is circled on contour. After that the sample of the slot is made. The greatest possible number of openings is drilled by means of electric drill. Drills it is better to use those which diameter is a little more, than lock thickness, it will provide fast installation of the lock in groove subsequently. Slot inside after drilling levels by means of chisel, periodically trying on the lock and watching that there was he exactly, without distortions. At once it is better not to drill all depth — more convenient to go step by step, on 1-3 cm for approach. If after trial installation of the lock in groove it has risen there well, start sample under front level of the lock. The level is put to edge of door and circled on contour. As chisel choose tree on the necessary depth that the level of the lock was flush with door face. If there is installation of the lock to the handle and latch, additional openings for the rod connecting both sides of the handle will be necessary screws will be necessary for connection of pads and the latch switch. Here too it is necessary to be exact in calculations and work. After that final part of works — production of grooves under locking crossbars and latch begins. First of all the qualitative marking is carried out. The crossbar and face of latch grease with chalk then the door is closed and turn key in the lock. The mark which will be left at the same time by sites of crossbar and latch and will be basis for sample of the slot.

Using screws, it is possible to scroll openings under them in door cloth by means of thin drill in advance.

The sample is made as well as under the lock, by means of drill. On all the parties the slot has to have stock of 1-3 mm, it will provide free wheeling at operation. The locking level fastens by means of screws or self-tapping screws, and the lock is carefully checked. If process of opening takes place without breakthroughs and distortions it is, smoothly, possible to consider work executed well.

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