How to count running meter

How to count running meter

The considerable share of materials for construction and repair is sold by running meters: boards, linoleum, carpet and so forth. Before considering, it is necessary to perform simple measurements of the room in which you want to use covering. Thanks to such calculations you will be able to gain exact amount of material and not to overpay for excess part.


1. For a start it is necessary to learn width and length of the room. It is possible to make it by means of normal measuring tape. Write down all sizes, and safely go to shop of construction materials for repair to make purchase. To take tape or tape measure there is no need as in shops there is for this purpose special wooden meter, workers of supermarket will perform all necessary measurements.

2. Upon purchase of any floor coverings only material length, and here width at all standard is considered. Therefore if length of your room six meters, and width four, will suit you, for example, linoleum of four-meter width and six running meters. You pay only for metric area. Respectively, if width is less, then and the running meter costs cheaper. To save in such a way all the same it will not turn out as it is necessary to join covering.

3. After the selling assistant measures to you desirable material, can make simple calculations. Increase the measured length by cost, as a result at you the sum which you need to pay has to turn out. Specify it at the employee of shop, and go to cash desk.

4. On arrival home try to estimate whether you have bought the sufficient number of meters of covering. If you after all were mistaken in the calculations, unfortunately, to return to shop or to exchange linoleum, the carpet or other material is already impossible. All goods which are sold by metric area according to the Consumer Protection Law are not subject to return and exchange. Therefore be very attentive upon purchase not to get still small additional piece of construction material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team