How to knit a sweater with a pattern for a dog

How to knit a sweater with a pattern for a dog

In cold season many pets do not like to go for a walk. Especially it concerns small and average sleek-haired and bald breeds. Such dogs strongly freeze that as a result can lead to serious diseases. The knitted sweater will become rescue in this situation. And that your dog was allocated, spend a little more time and connect a product for a dog with a pattern.

It is required to you

  • - threads for knitting of different flowers;
  • - needles;
  • - centimeter;
  • - scissors;
  • - squared paper or printer;
  • - pencil.


1. On the first time choose a simple pattern. For example, rhombuses, hearts, sun. It is first better not to use those images where very exact calculation and a set of shades is required: sweaters for dogs with a pattern of such plan you will knit when "you enough get the hand".

2. Take measurements of an animal. The main: coverage of a neck, breast, distance between paws, length of future product. As a rule, knitted sweaters for dogs are created by length on a back exactly to a tail. On a tummy it can be varied: for boys it is better to make shorter, for girls – is longer.

3. To knit a sweater with a pattern for a dog, it is important to calculate correctly a rapport – quantity of loops in one element of the drawing which repeats. The total number of loops of a cloth has to be divided exactly into quantity of loops in a rapport. If there are not enough one-two, add them for one row prior to the beginning of a pattern.

4. Unpack the prepared pattern. Knit to it according to the habitual scheme: a collar, expansions to a breast, armholes or a sleeve raglan. Classical option of placement of a pattern is the back. To begin to knit the prepared drawing it is better from the middle of armholes. Pay attention: a simple pattern it is possible to knit both on a monolithic product, and on assuming a fastener.

5. You watch closely the direction of a pattern on a sweater for a dog. When knitting from top to down (from a mouth to a tail) it is also necessary "to read" the scheme from top to down. When performing a front row from left to right, at back – from right to left. Pay attention: it is necessary to knit a sweater with a pattern a front smooth surface.

6. You watch a thread tension. It is possible to correct an error at a weak tightness and sagging, and here to remake, without dismissing, strongly tightened pattern it is problematic. Especially, if very small interval between two color elements. At the end of each row to a provyazyvayta two threads: from the main cloth and patten. So the edge will be more equal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team