How to conceive the boy

How to conceive the boy

Most of married couples thinks of a sex of the future child even long before his conception. Many men and women consider that the boy surely has to be born the first in their family. But how to turn this idea into reality? Since the question of gender planning of future kid is very relevant today, there is a set of councils and recommendations about how to conceive the boy.


1. To increase the probability of conception of the boy, future parents should refrain from intimate proximity within 3-4 days before the calculated date of an ovulation. It will help to increase quantity of "men's" spermatozoa.

2. Sexual intercourse which according to plans of spouses will bring them the long-awaited son has to take place precisely in day of an ovulation of the woman. Minutes 15-20 after intimate proximity of the spouse has to lie down quietly, without making sharp movements.

3. One week prior to the planned conception of the boy, the man should avoid overheatings, including the warmed underwear and hot bathtubs.

4. To conceive the boy, the woman has to test an orgasm during sexual intercourse before the man.

5. There is an opinion that the sex of future child is defined by youth of blood of his parents. The man and the woman should remember which of them and how lost long ago more blood. It is considered that future kid will be born same-gender with the parent whose blood is younger. At calculations it is necessary to lean on the fact that blood of the woman is updated during the 3rd, and the man's blood – every 4 years.

6. Some consider that future kid adopts a sex of more active in all of the parent. I.e. the man from the married couple dreaming to conceive the boy before planning of the kid has to become a leader in everything including in a bed.

7. The most probable conception of the boy is promoted by a special diet of future father. It is necessary to begin observance of a specific mode of food a month before the planned conception. Treat products of such diet: fish, meat, potatoes, mushrooms, lentil, dates, peaches, bananas, apricots, oranges, caffeine. Besides, it is recommended to add some salt to food more. A month before the planned conception it is necessary to exclude such products as siliculose haricot, crude cabbage, nuts, a green salad from a diet of the man.

8. To conceive the boy, on ancient beliefs, it is not necessary to have sexual intercourse in a full moon or a new moon. For conception of the boy a quarter of the moon is considered favorable time.

9. Conception of the boy is promoted most of all by sexual intercourse in a position "the man behind".

10. Some statistical researches showed: the age of the woman is less, the it is more at her than chances to conceive the boy.

11. Statistics says also that to women with an excess weight to conceive the boy much more really, than thin.

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