How to look after a Pekinese

How to look after a Pekinese

The Pekinese differs in charming appearance and independent character. That this dog looked perfectly and had no problems with behavior and health, carefully look after her. The Pekinese demands healthy nutrition, slow walks and, of course, daily combing of magnificent wool.

It is required to you

  • - massage brushes and hairbrushes;
  • - kogterezka;
  • - toilet tray;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - ear lotion;
  • - medicines against fleas, ticks and worms.


1. Take care of health of the pet. From puppyish age regularly do inoculations - marks about them have to be put down in the pet passport. Time in 3-4 months you carry out expulsion of helminths, process hair of a dog medicines from fleas and ticks in the summer. It is especially important if the dog spends a lot of time in nature. The antiflea collar which needs to be changed regularly will become good protection for the pet also.

2. Make the correct diet for the pet. It is the simplest to feed a Pekinese with the ready-made feeds intended for dogs of small breeds. Be not limited to dry feeds, diversify a diet with quality canned food. You watch that the pet always had clear water.

3. Pekineses do not love long walks. During wet weather they easily catch a cold, and during a heat the animal can receive heatstroke. Provide dogs daily walks at quiet speed and buy it a toilet tray. During bad weather the Pekinese with pleasure will use it. Consider that dogs need a special tray with a column.

4. You watch a condition of eyes. Daily wipe them with a damp cotton tampon, removing dust and dry crusts. If the Pekinese constantly shchurit eyes, and on wool drips of tears are noticeable, it can speak about an infection or a trauma. Show the pet to the veterinarian.

5. The fold needs to be wiped with soft dry fabric or a cotton pad near by. If wool in this place damp, powder it a baby powder.

6. Regularly check ears of a Pekinese. If their internal part dry and clean, it is not necessary to wipe it. Having noticed dark crusts or purulent allocations, clean them the Q-tip moistened in special lotion and then dig the drops destroying an ear tick.

7. The main care of the owner of a Pekinese is connected with his magnificent wool. Daily comb it a massage brush, carefully sort koltuna fingers and a hairbrush with long rare teeths. Very started koltun it is possible to cut off accurately, but consider that it spoils appearance of an animal.

8. Too long wool on pads should be cut. Use special scissors for dogs, having accurately created round "small pillow". Regularly cut to the pet claws - it can be done special kogterezky.

9. Be not fond of washing of a dog. Frequent bathtubs will make wool dim and tousled, will deprive of it gloss. It is enough to wash a dog twice a year, in the rest of the time being limited to local washings of pads and the wool on a stomach which became soiled during walks. Overalls from waterproof fabric will help to keep purity of a magnificent fur coat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team