How to make a lodge for a dog

How to make a lodge for a dog

- whether it be a tiny toy terrier or a huge mastiff - the lodge is necessary for any dog respecting herself! Depending on where there lives your pet - on the street or in the house, it is possible to make several options of housing for a canine friend.


1. If the dog lives in the house, then many owners as the place are limited to a usual rug or matrasiky. Of course, such laying does not demand a special care, but if you find a little time and will build to the pet the real house, then he will be very grateful to you, all dogs like to spend time in shelters.

2. If at your place there lives the small doggie, then the lodge can be made of fabric and foam rubber. It is easy to find various patterns in specialized magazines about dogs or on the Internet. Advantage of a fabric lodge is that it is very convenient to erase it in the washing machine on the delicate mode in process of fabric pollution.

3. One more option is to make a lodge of a usual cardboard box. Cut through in it an entrance, and on a bottom lay a soft rug. Minus of such design is that cardboard very well absorbs a smell which at dogs rather resistant therefore it is necessary to change a box time in one-two months. It is necessary to erase a laying from a lodge time in one-two weeks, depending on that, how fast it becomes soiled.

4. The small box for the apartment can be built from plywood or thin dosochek. It is better to paint walls of a lodge paint that they were more convenient to be wiped during cleaning. The size of the box has to be such that the dog could lie quietly there.

5. If your dog lives on the street, then the structure of the box has to be thought over to trifles. First of all, decide on the place. It has to be dry and give to an animal the good review, that is from it the dog has to have an opportunity to see all territory of the yard.

6. The best material for construction of a street lodge - a tree. If you expect that the dog will be in her and in the winter, then it is necessary to make at a design double walls with heater.

7. The most important at construction of the dog house is to make a convenient floor and walls without cracks as drafts can do much harm to health of your pet.

8. On a bottom of the box lay a warm laying, and veil an entrance tarpaulin in the summer (it will help to keep the box dry during a rain) and felt in the winter (this material will keep heat in the doghouse).

9. It is convenient to upholster a roof of the street box with slate or roofing iron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team