How to receive posterity from budgerigars

How to receive posterity from budgerigars

Budgerigars – so cultivated bird that it is possible to be engaged in her cultivation even in the ordinary apartment. At the same time it is necessary to follow a number of rules that the posterity was viable, and reproduction was carried out easily and several times in a year.

Homeland of a budgerigar – Australia. In the nineteenth century this bird began to be delivered massively to Europe. Thanks to the unpretentiousness, friendly temper and sociability these parrots are very popular. It is easy to support them in house conditions, they are very much sotsialna, easily get used to people, new conditions, it is simple to teach to imitate them the human speech.

Best of all budgerigars breed in special open-air cages with several nests where they can live and remove posterity to 10 couples of birds. However wavy parrot – a bird hardy, cultivated already almost within two centuries so breeds even in small cages in city apartments.

Conditions for cultivation

The best age for cultivation of budgerigars – from 2nd to 6 years. That the bird was not exhausted and the posterity was healthy, the laying of eggs has to be carried out not more often than 2-3 times in a year though after the first brood the female is ready to lay eggs constantly.

The metal cage with the parameters of 60х30х30 cm will be suitable for contents and cultivation of couple. To a cage the nested box or a nesting ground from natural wood with deepening at the bottom and a cover for convenience has to be outside fixed when leaving. The bottom of a nesting ground is covered a layer of dry birch sawdust with impurity of a dry camomile for disinfection. That the bird began to nest, lighting has to be not less than 15-16 hours a day, and in the form of a millet it is necessary to add greens, eggs, the smallest shells, the crushed chalk, fresh cherry branches to a usual forage. A budgerigar – a gregarious bird therefore reproduction will happen quicker if there are indoors two cages with couples of birds, and couples at the same time have to see each other.

Preparation of couple

Budgerigars choose to themselves couple from sympathy and after the first nesting remain true each other for the rest of life. Therefore after artificial creation of couple of posterity it can not turn out. It is also necessary to watch that couple took place from the individuals belonging to different packs because relationship of couple badly affects health of posterity. In the created couple the male begins to look after a female and to feed her from a beak. In 2-3 weeks after the first pairing the laying of eggs begins.

Removal of posterity

The young female can lay 3-4 eggs, the female is more senior – up to 12 eggs, on average 5-6 pieces usually turn out. The female hatches out eggs of 17-18 days, and the male at the same time carefully feeds her. Baby birds hatch blind and naked. In 7-8 days they open eyes and plumage appears. The first 12 hours baby birds eat stocks of a zheltochny sack, then the female feeds them with a goitrous milk, and after – the softened grain from a craw. When in 2-3 weeks the young growth begins to leave a nest and to eat independently, very important to feed parrots with the bread soaked in milk and greens of dandelions. It is also desirable to drip in grains cod-liver oil. After that the nesting ground should be removed, otherwise the female will continue to lay eggs. Since 3 weeks the young growth can be otsazhivat from parental couple.

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