How to save a cat from a severe stress

How to save a cat from a severe stress

Even owners of cats who, apparently, would owe their nobility very well agree with the well-known phrase of Kipling that the cat walks in itself. Many of them do not even suspect that their independent touchy persons are actually emotionally very attached to owners and very much need communication with them. Nervous system of a domestic cat is very vulnerable, but the fact that they can endure a severe stress is more dangerous, almost externally without showing the dejectedness in any way.

The cause of a stress the cat or a cat can have a strong fright, but especially nervously they react to change of a situation or habitual tenor of life. Strangers can often come to your house, you decided to get rid of old furniture or just rearranged it - all this can cause constant shocks which will gradually develop into a chronic stress.

As the stress at cats can be shown

In certain cases the stressful state at cats is shown rather obviously – they begin to mark everything in the apartment, to tear up furniture and wall-paper, to show aggression in relation to the owner and other animals. But most often the stress can be noticed only on indirect signs therefore the owner needs to pay attention to some features of behavior of an animal.

For example, if your cat began to be licked constantly, sometimes before formation of ulcers and skin scratches. Constant nervous yawning can also be a stress symptom, along with emergence of the perverted flavoring addictions. The cat began to chew clothes or bed linen, she had interest in houseplants, she can cease to like food which she loved earlier, or to appear the increased appetite.

One more symptom of nervous breakdown at an animal is deterioration in a condition of integuments and wool which becomes dim and begins to drop out. When the cat at the same time ceases to be licked and comb out language excess wool, it is also disturbing symptom, the cleanliness is put in the nature at a cat.

Cages of the immune system which are in internals are very sensitive to influence a stress factors. Therefore eczema, dermatitis, wool loss, disorder of digestion become result of stresses.

How to help a cat to get rid of a stress

Analyze that could cause such reaction in your cat. As a rule, after elimination of the prime cause, the condition of an animal is normalized. Pay it more attention, it is important to awaken in it physical activity, buy it new toys, communicate with it and more often caress. That the stress did not affect immunity of an animal, and it did not begin to hurt often, special attention should be paid on its diet. Good and high-quality nutrition will help to cope to a cat with destructive consequences of a stress and to leave without loss a condition of a depression.

Intake of the calming medicines will give positive effect only when primary stress factor is eliminated.

After a strong fright or shock, medicines which need to be given her only after consultation with the veterinarian will help to reduce stress to a cat. Kot-Bayun and "Stop Stress" treat safe drugs at the heart of which there are natural extracts of herbs, for example. They can be given also when the event which can cause a stress in an animal is supposed: guests have to come or moving is planned for the dacha.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team