How to stop ears and a tail

How to stop ears and a tail

Knocking over of ears and tails is a cosmetic operation which is done to dogs of certain breeds. The shape of an ear is defined by the standard established for each breed. Knocking over is carried out, as a rule, by veterinarians in veterinary hospitals.

It is required to you

  • Special protective collar, brilliant green, plaster


1. If you have no vocational veterinary education, then first of all find the good expert in this area who will carry out knocking over of ears and a tail to your pet. If you take a dog from the manufacturer, then agree about knocking over with it. Many manufacturers own veterinary skills and do knocking over. Or they can advise the experienced and checked veterinarian.

2. Usually tails stop to puppies aged from 3 up to 10 days when the sensitivity is minimum and healing of fabrics occurs very quickly. Manufacturers are engaged in it, as a rule. It is possible to stop also at more advanced age. But it becomes already under anesthetic and with suture. Therefore think of knocking over of a tail in advance.

3. With ears the situation is more seriously. It is difficult to cut ears to puppies in the first days of life as it is difficult to foresee a ratio of proportions of a body and muzzle of a dog in the future. Therefore ears stop in 2 - 3 months, usually in 14 days after the first inoculation. Find the experienced veterinarian and agree with him about carrying out operation. You do not feed a dog within 8 hours before knocking over. Choose a shape of an ear by means of a special cliche. The doctor will make to a dog the general anesthesia, on the chosen cliche will cut the edge of an ear. After that will impose seams and will roll up bandage that there was no bleeding. After operation put on to a dog a special protective collar that it did not scratch ears and did not do them harm. It can be made of cardboard. The animal should wear a collar of 7-10 days before removal of seams. Process edges of an ear of the pet brilliant green. If it is necessary, begin to put to a dog ears from the second day after operation. Extend an ear and wind with a plaster. Before removal of seams slightly mass edge of an ear and stretch to avoid its wrinkling. If there are difficulties, for councils address the veterinarian better.

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