How to support a snail

How to support a snail

Snails are almost ideal pets. They are silent, do not spoil in rooms, do not tear wall-paper and do not gnaw a wire, do not cause allergies. Care for snails very simple and if you are sent on leave, a snail some time will live also without you. Besides, mollusks almost are never ill and long live therefore it is a pleasure to support a snail.

It is required to you

  • aquarium, spray, soil, forage for a snail


1. Snails will require an aquarium or mollyuskarium. The size of an aquarium has to correspond to the sizes of snails, they are big and small. On a bottom it is necessary to fill sand or the earth. In an aquarium it is necessary to maintain humidity constantly.

2. About 3 times a week it is necessary to feed snails. They eat almost anything – fruit, vegetables, leaves of lettuce and cabbage, grass, cucumbers. Many snails have the favourite product except which do not want anything to eat. Some snails like to eat newspapers. For the inexplicable reasons they test addiction to typographical paint, but the snail can get poisoned and die of it.

3. Each 2 weeks need to be washed an aquarium and approximately time a month to change in it the earth. It is possible to walk by summer of snails on a grass, the main thing, to watch that they were not bitten by ants.

4. Snails are hermaphrodites. Therefore if in an aquarium it will be rather warm and damp, soon the snail will lay a set of eggs from which small ulitochka will hatch.

5. If some time not to feed and not to water a snail or to place an aquarium in the cool place, then snails fell into a coma. They decrease in sizes, become more than twice easier because the body is left by liquid. It is convenient if you are going on vacation: it is enough to place a snail in the cool place and to start quietly on the journey. It is easy to wake the pet - it is necessary to water him, to put to the warm place and to give food.

6. Calcium as it is spent for construction of an armor is necessary for snails. In pet-shops it is possible to get the calcium bars intended for birds, for example, for parrots. Such calcium too quite will be suitable for snails. One bar will gnaw a mollusk about three months.

7. Snails need to be watered. From a spray sprinkle walls of an aquarium and a snail, she will creep and absorb water. It is possible to water snails though every day depending on humidity of air.

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