How to take out an animal from Thailand

How to take out an animal from Thailand

People sometimes get pets on travel over various countries of the world. Thailand is not an exception. However, sometimes there are serious difficulties with evacuation of the pet home. Observance of simple rules can facilitate this process.


1. First, it is necessary to consider that the representatives of the wild nature who are considered as rare or endangered from Thailand cannot be taken out. It is considered smuggling, threatens with heavy fines or even prison. For evacuation of habitual dogs and cats it is necessary to perform a number of procedures only.

2. You need to address to veterinary clinic to create the pet passport in which all inoculations will be specified on a dog. In the same veterinary clinic it is necessary to do a number of vaccination to your animal. Plague, rage and leptospirosis inoculations are necessary. They need to be made a month before date of flying away. That the animal transferred inoculations more simply, in ten days prior to them it is necessary to save a dog from worms by means of special medicines.

3. In the same veterinary clinic it is necessary to deliver the special chip to your pet and to receive the certificate on it.

4. After all these procedures it is necessary to address to Quarantine Office of Animal Quarantine Office of the required international airport, to fill the application form intended for this case and to submit all package of documents plus the original of the passport of the owner of a dog and the copy of the first page. Within three days after that to you have to issue the Certificate of health (validity period ten months) and the Certificate for export (it is valid three months).

5. Certainly, it is necessary in advance (at least for two days) to warn airline if you are going to carry an animal in a cabin. By the way, in a cabin of the plane it is possible to take no more than two dogs, the others should be handed over in a baggage compartment. The cage sizes for a baggage compartment - 80Х100Х110. It is the best of all to specify rules on transportation of animals at concrete airlines which you are going to fly, in order to avoid conflict situations.

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