How to teach a kitten to eat

How to teach a kitten to eat

In some situations the owners of little kittens should undertake function of mom of kids. And then they face need to impart to future cats and cats the most necessary skills. And if some of them do not cause difficulties, then the question how to teach a kitten to eat, confuses practically everyone …

It is required to you

  • Saucer
  • pipette
  • towel


1. Address for consultation the expert. Independent actions have to be followed by the recommendations of the doctor. It is connected with the fact that for each cat breed there is a certain desirable diet, and only the doctor will be able to pick up it taking into account specific features of your pet. Besides demands which to the menu of a cat are made by her breeding it is necessary to adjust food depending on the weight of a kitten, his state of health. Having lost sight at least of one parameter, you risk to meet great difficulties with training a kitten in independent intake of firm food.

2. You watch food frequency. Do not forget that kittens need 6-8 single table a day, otherwise they can get sick. Do not try to find room for these meals in 20 hours of wakefulness: be ready that it is necessary to you at least once, and most likely – it is more, to rise at night and to feed the kid.

3. Be not zealous with transition to firm food, - if the kitten is not two weeks old yet, it is not ready to it. You learn to feed him from the pipette which will replace mother's nipple. Then accustom him to independent Laconia from a plate, - even at monthly age still early to try to give firm food. Do not interfere with training process – the kitten itself will understand how it is correct to drink up, but at first he will choke and sneeze most likely. Be not frightened and keep calm: the nature took care of that the kid himself coped with this task.

4. After a month start smooth transition to feeding by firm food. Begin with forcemeat, and then you pass to fish, soft meat or those products which are shown for the use by the veterinarian. Most often and this process does not demand intervention of the person. If the kitten does not cope, try to put a forcemeat piece to it in a mouth, - he quickly to learn to chew independently.

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