How to accustom a cat to a tray

How to accustom a cat to a tray

To celebrate the need on sand or on the earth is a natural behavior of a cat. If you accustom him to go to a tray at once as you will bring it home, it will do it constantly. It is necessary to pick up a tray, convenient for a cat, only.

TrayIrrespective of age of your cat choose a deep tray which will not demand replacement in process of growth of your pet. There are trays of the different sizes if you have a little kitten, and you buy for him a special small tray, over time it will be filled very quickly, it should be cleaned too often. Big trays can be supplied with temporary superstructures for convenience which can be removed.

There are also closed trays, however it will be quite difficult to accustom to them a cat.

Choosing the place for a tray, consider that cats love a privacy. Do not put a tray, for example, in the hall or in kitchen if the cat is not accustomed to it yet. Most often trays are established in bathrooms. If you decide to move a tray on the new place, do it gradually, otherwise the cat can begin to celebrate the need in other places.

FillerThere are several types of fillers for cats. For schooling to a tray some of them have a characteristic smell if your cat turns up the nose at such smell, try to pass to flavourless options. Fillers also differ in the structure. For example, silica gel are the most economic, one portion can be enough for a week. Fillers from sawdust not bad hide a smell and absorb moisture, however can stick to hair of a cat and be carried thus on the apartment.

Be careful of the fillers containing a large amount of dust. They are dangerous to breath of a cat and can lead to a serious illness.

SchoolingTo teach a cat to use a tray it is necessary to put it constantly there. Do it every time after he eats, wakes up or will just seem to you that he wants to celebrate need. Some cats understand the meaning of the events at once and start going to a tray from the very first days. It is necessary to put others in it several days, and till 10-15 once a day. Do not try to show to a cat what you want from him, for example, attempt to rummage in filler paws of a cat, imitating his natural behavior, can frighten him. As your cat gets used to a tray and will begin to use it, praise and stroke it. If you want to scold him for any acts, do not do it while he sits on a tray. If the cat descended in a toilet not in a tray, let's it smell the excrement, and then accurately transfer them to a tray. Do not abuse and do not beat a cat for it, you will only frighten him and do not solve thus a problem. Cats very much do not like to celebrate need in dirty places if you do not clean a tray in time, he will start going to other places. From time to time take out the polluted sites of filler from a tray and fill new. Besides, you carry out full cleaning of a tray with use of detergents. Do it several times a month.

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